Stock Up On Purina At Dollar General

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We pet owners love to spoil our pets, and that means treats, food and toys are always on the shopping list. Dollar General has your pet needs covered. Instead of making another trip to the pet store, grab what you need to make your pet happy while shopping at Dollar General.

Dollar General Purina
On a recent trip to Dollar General, I checked out the pet care aisle and was surprised how many choices were available. And shopping at Dollar General is easy, all of the pet care items are in one spot so you can get in, get what you need and get out in a hurry. From Purina dog food to treats galore, there were tons of options to keep dogs and cats happy. 

We are always in need of more dog food Dollar General has plenty of it. Dollar General even has huge 36 pound Dog Chow bags (on sale for $19.95!), so you can really stock up. In addition to dry dog food, my dogs love wet food as a special treat, so I had to grab a couple of cans of Dollar General Alpo Products as well as some Dog Show, Benefuls, Beggin’ Littles and a new owl toy.

#DGPetDash Purina Dollar General
Although I don’t have cats myself, my sister is currently fostering a pair of two-week-old kittens. So thinking about her new babies, I checked out the selection of cat items too. I found Purina cat supplies like Kitten Chow, Cat Chow, Friskies, Fancy Feast, Tidy Cats and more. There were even some cute cat toys.

Of course, her kittens aren’t ready for big cat items just yet as they are still being bottle-fed, but they will be soon. 

#DGPetDash Purina Dollar General Cats

#DGPetDash contest

Want to win your own Purina haul from Dollar General for your favorite pet? Then enter the #DGPetDash contest. All you have to do is fill a Dollar General bag with your favorite Purina products and pet items, then share the photo on Instagram with the hashtag #DGPetDash. The photo with the most likes will win $100 worth of Purina products from Dollar General (in the form of 5 $20 coupons). 

What pet products will you put in your Dollar General bag?

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9 thoughts on “Stock Up On Purina At Dollar General”

  1. I love shopping Dollar General for my everyday pet supplies and pet food. Purina is one of my favorite brands too. Awesome place to save money.

  2. Never thought of the Dollar General having pet food. Great place to get it. I don’t, currently, have any pets, but I will keep this in mind.

  3. I haven’t been to Dollar General but I do know I have to be careful to not come out of the dollar store having spent $20 when I went in needing $3 worth of stuff.

  4. I love Purina products and Dollar General always has fair prices on their products. combined with coupons there are lots of great deals.


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