TinkerBell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast Coloring Pages And Word Search ~ Giveaway


TinkerBell and her fairy friends are back in an all new movie, TinkerBell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast, now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital. My girls have been looking forward to the newest TinkerBell movie since the commercial started running on Disney Junior months ago. Now it is finally here, and we have big plans for family movie night this Friday night accompanied by a kids word search printable and TinkerBell coloring pages.

Tinker Belle NeverBeast

Return to Pixie Hollow for the heartwarming and humorous adventure “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast”! An ancient myth of a fabled creature sparks the curiosity of Tinker Bell and her good friend Fawn, an animal fairy who’s not afraid to break the rules to help an animal in need. But this creature – massive and wondrous with glowing green eyes – is not welcome in Pixie Hollow – and the scout fairies are determined to capture the mysterious beast, who they fear will destroy their home. Fawn, who sees a tender heart beneath his gruff exterior, must convince Tink and her fairy friends to risk everything to rescue the NeverBeast.

TinkerBell Kids Word Search

My oldest is really into puzzles and kids word searches these days. So to celebrate the new fairy movie, I created a TinkerBell word search. She liked it so much that I have plans to make her more themed word searches. In fact it was one of those, “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?” moments. 

To download, click the image below. When it opens in a new tab, right click on the image to save it to your computer, and then you can print as many as you need. 

Tip – this kids word search would make an excellent activity for a TinkerBell Birthday Party!

TinkerBell Kids Word Search

TinkerBell Coloring Pages

While my oldest is tackling her TinkerBell word searches, little sister loves to color. So for all of the little sisters who like to color, here are some TinkerBell color pages that feature the NeverBeast. There are also some additional TinkerBell activity pages available to download as well. (More easy ideas for a TinkerBell birthday party.)

To download, click the image below. When it opens in a new tab, right click on the image to save it to your computer, and then you can print as many as you need. 


TinkerBell Coloring Pages

Buy TinkerBell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast

TinkerBell and the Legend of the NeverBeast is now available to watch at home. Get your copy today and enjoy bonus features like: Jeff Corwin’s Guide to Real-World NeverBeasts, 5 Essential Ingredients to Getting Gruff and Gruff Love (a musical montage featuring KT Tunstall’s heartwarming song, “Strange Sight.”)


One lucky winner will receive a copy of TinkerBell and the Legend of the NeverBeast

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends March 25.

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  1. Laurie Nykaza says:

    My favorite fairy is Tinkerbell

  2. Theresa Smith says:

    I don’t know of too many Disney fairies. I would have to say Tinkerbell.

  3. Erica B. says:


  4. I only know Tinkerbell.

  5. Jacqueline says:

    For fairies, I only know Tink, but for the princesses my favorite is Pocahontas!

  6. TinkerBell is my favorite.
    Thanks for the contest.

  7. Stephanie Larison says:

    Tink has always been my fave. My daughter loves her too, she dressed up as her for Halloween last year!

  8. I like Rosetta.

  9. Becky Moore says:

    I want to say Tinkerbelle…but I kind of like Flora, Fauna and Merriweather

  10. Christie Kammerer says:

    My favorite is Tinkerbell all the way 🙂

  11. Dorothy Teel says:

    I love the fairy with the attitude and the sweet innocent (yeah) smile – TinkerBell is the girl for us.

  12. Kathleen says:

    My favorite is Tinkerbell.

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  13. heather s says:

    Tinkerbell is my fav

  14. Laurie Emerson says:

    My favorite Disney fairy has always been Tinkerbelle.

  15. Danielle Wood says:

    Isn’t tinkerbell everyone’s favorite

  16. Michele C says:

    Tinkerbell of course

  17. amy deeter says:

    my favorite one of ll is Tinkerbell !!!

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