Elf On The Shelf Breakfast Ideas: Printable Letter & Christmas PJs

He’s back! Our Elf on the Shelf, Kringle, has returned. And, in what has become a tradition that my kids talk about for weeks, he arrived with breakfast! Our Elf always arrives the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so his arrival has been anticipated for days weeks.

New for 2020, don’t miss 25 days of Elf on the Shelf printable masks! (They also look great taped to family photos!!!)

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

Elf On The Shelf Printables

This year, Kringle thought ahead and a made few printables to share with other Elves for their very own breakfast celebrations. Remember Elves, breakfast doesn’t have to on arrival — Elves can celebrate with breakfast any time! (For example, the first day of Christmas break — just a thought.) To download the printables, click on the image and then print the image from the pop-up window.

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Elf on the Shelf Printable Welcome Letter
Printable Elf on the Shelf Letter

North Pole Breakfast Printable Sign
North Pole Breakfast Sign Printable

Countdown to Christmas Printable
Christmas Countdown Printable – place this in an 8×10 frame and then use a wipeable marker to countdown the days until Christmas.

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Family Christmas PJs

Since our Elf is predictable with his arrival, mom timed the presentation of this year’s Christmas Jamies so everyone would wake up to our North Pole Breakfast sporting red and green Christmas PJs. Thanks to Chasing Fireflies for making our North Pole breakfast even more special. The girls were so excited for everyone to be in matching PJs for our North Pole Breakfast.

Elf on the Shelf PJs
There are tons of Christmas PJs to choose from for the whole family. I am not going to admit how long it took me to decide between all of the cuteness. Ultimately I choose to get green candy striped PJs for the girls, red candy-striped PJs for mom and dad and stocking caps for all. How cute are we?!

Family Christmas PJs
I have to mention that the PJs are super soft cotton and fit true to size. I was paranoid that they would be that stick pajama material and feel crunchy and/or run small, but everyone’s jamies fit perfect and they are super soft cotton. A+ to Chasing Fireflies!

Personalized Christmas PJs
Of course, if everyone is getting matching PJs I had to get a pair of matching doll PJs for the Bitty Babies. FYI – the PJs are meant for 18-inch dolls, so they are a bit big on the Bitty Babies, but it doesn’t bother my girls who were as pleased as can be having matching PJs.

Bitty Baby Matching Christmas PJs

Elf On The Shelf Breakfast Ideas

Kringle always brings a small gift, and this year he brought Playmobile advent calendars for the girls. This is actually our second year with this series of calendars, and they are really cute. The girls love getting a new piece to the set every evening. It’s a fun tradition. He also brought a Magic Mail Stationery Set by Hallmark so the girls can write letters back and forth to Santa. (It works in the freezer!)

Playmobil Advent Calendar
Another successful Elf on the Shelf Return Breakfast for my family. Now for a month of Christmas fun!

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast Ideas
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    • Those are from the 2013 wireless band from Hallmark. They were a collectible set of 5 and when you play one, the whole band plays together. You can find them on eBay this year, but they are quite expensive now because the set is no longer available via Hallmark.

  1. I found your Welcome back letter on Pinterest and was going to print it until I realized it said “Satna’s” instead of “Santa” and was wondering if there were any way you could fix it? It’s a super cute idea that I’d love to use 🙂

    • Hi Allison – Are you referring to the line in the letter that reads, “I am Santa’s helper”? In that case, “Santa’s” is correct. That is the possessive form of “Santa” because the Elf is Santa’s helper. Hope this helps, if you are referring to something else, please let me know — typos happen 😉


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