VeggieTales In the House Netflix Series Debuts

Do your kids want more VeggieTales? Do they need more VeggieTales? Then you are in luck. This summer when visiting VeggieTales headquarters in Nashville, I learned about the newest Veggie adventure — a partnership between Dreamworks Animation and Netflix. And after months of waiting, the day is finally here. VeggieTales Netflix series, VeggieTales in the House debuts today.

VeggieTales In the House Netflix
The first five episodes of the new series arrive on Netflix today, just in time for a little Thanksgiving break entertainment. Each 22-minute episode is made up of two 11-minute cartoons. Bite-sized servings of your favorite Veggies. 


The first thing fans will notice is a brand new theme song created just for VeggieTales in the House. But that isn’t the only musical treat, each episode of the VeggieTales Netflix series will also include an original song. With plans to release several new episodes each month that’s a lot of new music.

In addition to Bob, Larry and the regular VeggieTale gang, the new VeggieTales in the House will introduce some brand new characters including the very first meat character — Bacon Bill!

VeggieTales in the House Bacon Bill
While I was in Nashville I was interviewed about my thoughts on the VeggieTales Netflix series — look for me around 3:47.

Tune in to see VeggieTales In The House on Netflix.

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