Big Hero 6: Baymax Voice Over

The most lovable, huggable character from Big Hero 6 is, without a doubt Baymax. He is warm, cuddly, he has an unmistakable robot voice and, well, he is awesome! 

Thanks to Disney, I got to step into the recording booth to record my own voice over for Baymax. Adding the same robotic overlay to my voice that they added to Scott Adsit’s voice to bring Baymax to life, I got to hear what I sound like as a robot. Of course, I had to get into character first in my Baymax hoodie.

The Suburban Mom Baymax
This wasn’t my first time in the recording booth, I’ve had the opportunity to record voice overs for Dottie from Planes and Venelope from Wreck it Ralph, so even though it took two tries I totally nailed it. 

Alright, nailed it might be an exaggeration. But it sure was fun, and my kids — well I am their big hero.

Of course, I didn’t get to deliver my lines opposite Ryan Potter, Hiro Hamada, but the interesting thing is that neither did Scott Adsit. When it comes to creating the characters of Big Hero 6, nearly all of the acting is done solo.

Except for a rare occasion when two actors get to record together, most of the time it is just as I recorded it — a single actor in the recording booth being watched and directed through a glass window. In fact, many of the voice actors from Big Hero 6 met for the very first time at the cast screening a month before the movie was released. 

Big Hero 6 Hi I am Baymax
BIG HERO 6 is now open in theaters, so please make sure you check it out!

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