Big Hero 6: The Red Carpet, The Premiere & The After Party

You already know that Big Hero 6 comes out in theaters November 7, right? Well, this week I had the opportunity to fly to L.A. to attend the red carpet premiere for Big Hero 6 as a guest of Disney. It was fun, it was exciting and I am going to tell you all about the red carpet and the invite-only after party.

I also want to tell you all about how much you are going to love the movie, but you are going to have to wait for those details until tomorrow. For now know that the movie needs to go on your must-see list, and let’s take a stroll down the red carpet. (If you want to see even more pictures from the event, follow The Suburban Mom on Instagram.) 

Every red carpet event starts with the perfect dress and a selfie (of course). 

The Suburban Mom Red Carpet Dress

Big Hero 6 Red Carpet

Big Hero 6 Stars
Once stepping onto the red carpet there are two goals: 1) soak it all in 2) get an awesome red carpet picture. Because, as I have learned in the past, the red-carpet moment is gone in the blink of an eye. In fact, from the time you step foot on the carpet security rushes you along shouting, “Keep moving, keep moving.” In stark contrast to my goals, their goal is to get me off the carpet as quickly as they can.

Big Hero 6 Premiere The Suburban Mom
EXCEPT that didn’t happen on the Big Hero 6 red carpet. Security never yelled at us. So we had time to take a ton of pictures and really take in the moment. It was a great set up for a movie that leaves you with the warm and fuzzies — it was like we were all one big happy family living in the moment. It was my favorite red carpet to date.

The Suburban Mom Big Her  6 Red Carpet
Even the stars of Big Hero 6 were having fun on the red carpet. 

Big Hero 6 Stars Red Carpet Sefie
What you may or may not know about red carpets is that there are two lines. The front line (by the paparazzi) where the stars strut their stuff, and the back line — for the rest of us. The secondary goal of the red carpet is star spotting and photo bombing (if possible).

I don’t think we managed to photobomb any big stars, but we did run into the kids of black-ish whom we interviewed the day before as part of our Big Hero 6 and ABC TV press trip. They were super awesome and posed for another group photo with us. (More on black-ish and just how awesome and down to earth the cast is coming soon.)

Big Hero 6 Red Carpet black-ish stars

Big Hero 6 Premiere

Finally, we came to the end of the carpet and it was time to head inside the El Capitan theater. (Which by the way is an awesome old-Hollywood theater, perfect for premieres.) 

Big Hero 6 El Capitan
Inside the theater we had the distinct privilege of watching the premiere along side the directors, producers and stars of the movie. And my favorite part about watching it with everyone who worked on the film is that they cheer when the screen goes dark, the laugh out loud at all of the jokes and when the credits roll they clap, cheer, hoot and holler for their friends as their names appear on screen. 

It is, after all, a celebration. And they are so very proud of what they have created. (And the absolutely should be — I promise to tell you all about it tomorrow. Hey, I just got in on a red eye a few hours ago!)) 

Big Hero 6 After Party

Big Her 6 After Party Yamashiro
After the movie, it was time for the after party for food, drinks, entertainment and mingling with celebrities. The highlight of my night was a photo with the sweet (and stylish) Katie Lowe who plays the daughter of Dr. Callahan in Big Hero 6, but you might know her better as Quinn from Scandal. Yes, I am serious!

Big Hero 6 Katie Lowe
Baymax and Hiro were also on hand for photos.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Hiro The Suburban Mom
And check out Baymax made out of Rice Krispies Treats and fondant. Crazy!

Big Hero 6 Baymax Hiro Cake
It was a night to remember! 

Big Hero 6 is in theaters Friday — get your tickets now. For more about the movie, check out my Big Hero 6 review.

Check it out, I made it on AMC Theater’s red carpet coverage. Check out minute 2.18 — totally oblivious. 


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