My Debut In A Disney Animated Movie – Wreck-It Ralph

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the voice of a cartoon character? I have. I don’t really like my voice because I sound like a child, but I have always thought I would make a great voice for a cartoon kid. Guess what? I was right. I am a fabulous cartoon kid.

On my fabulous trip inside the Disney Animation Studios, I was given the unique opportunity to try my hand at voice over work. (If you stay with me here, and promise not to laugh, I will share the final clip…) It was a bit surreal standing in the sound room talking to a computer screen, but it was really cool. What I didn’t know when I recorded my piece is that they were filming and recording me. Furthermore, they would be sending me a clip of my work to share. I am not sure how I missed that announcement, but if I had known I would be able to share this little number, I might have done things differently.

Disney Animation Studio Voice Over Wreck-It Ralph

Throughout my tour, I wished over and over that I could work at the Disney Animation Studios  It seriously seems like the coolest place to work, of course, I can’t draw with anything and I live in FL. But if I could resolve those two issues, I would so totally work there. Well, my eagerness to work for the company grew tenfold when I learned that animators are often temporarily cast in roles while the film is in production  What’s more some of the animators do such a bang up job, they end up in the final cut of the movie! How awesome is that?

In fact I met a lucky (and talented) storyboard artist named Raymond Persi, whose vocal talent made the cut. He is the voice of Zombie in Wreck-It Ralph.

Alright, so my final cut didn’t make this film. But maybe someone at Disney will see it and see my hidden talent… Or maybe not.

In the following clip, Venellope (that’s me) meets Ralph (John C. Reilly) for the first time. (Tip, in the last 30 seconds you can see what my work looks like with animation.)

Without further ado, my debut.


See the real Venellope (Sarah Silverman) and Ralph in theaters November 2, 2012. 

Disclosure – I was invited to attend this premiere as part of a blogger weekend. Air fair and lodging was provided, however, all thoughts, opinions and Disney gushings are my own.

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