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I am always proud of my kids. I am a mom, and I have awesome kids why wouldn’t I be? But there are moments when they really shine. Moments when they take my breath away by doing something, saying something or creating something that I didn’t know they were capable of. Moments when my heart could burst with pride because my kids are awesome. Those are Fridgworthy moments.

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Like most moms, my refrigerator is a revolving exhibit of kids art. A constant reminder of some of those shining moments. The most recent addition to our fridge is K’s Fridgworthy Handprint Art Book. It is so simple, but to me it is perfect.

Earlier this week K presented me with this eight-page book which she created completely on her own. And I beamed with pride. Instead of asking me to create a project for her, instead of asking for TV time, etc. after school she went to work on making a book. Drawing and coloring in secret (she wouldn’t let me see what she was working on) — she even helped her sister make a few of her own pages.

Hand Art DIY Book
Inspired by a Hand Art book, K’s book includes

A turkey cover

Hand Art Turkey
An octopus

Hand Art Octopus
A giraffe

Hand Art Giraffe
A butterfly

Hand Art Butterfly
A snail and bunny

Hand Art Snail Bunny
An elephant

Hand Art Elephant
A dog

Hand Art Dog
And a peacock

Hand Art Peacock
And the book now has a prime spot on our our fridge (and a bigger spot in my heart).

Pediasure Supports Fridgworthy Moments

I am proud of my kids, and I’ll do anything I can do support them and help make sure they have everything they need to succeed — creatively and academically. That includes making sure they are getting the right vitamins and nutrients. Because sometimes it is hard to make sure picky eaters are getting everything they need to thrive there is Pediasure.

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When we give our kids everything we can to help support their growing bodies and minds we can feel confident that they have everything they need to truly amaze us with those Fridgworthy Moments.


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35 thoughts on “Fridgworthy Hand Art Kids Craft”

  1. On my fridge is a christmas card little boy made me that has aliens in outerspace written and drawn on it!! with a crazy ball looking space ship, and something about the grinch, i love the creativity!

  2. My fridge is full of baby announcements (it’s been a baby boom this year) and kid art projects. I know my kids would love these ideas. They can trace their own hands so they could be pretty independent.

  3. The art work is so pretty. I really want to have my nephew makes some of these. It really is creative and fun to do and display them on the fridge.

  4. We don’t use the fridge for artwork, we have a wall in the living room where we display it all!
    I have four children so we need lots of space. We change them out periodically but some are more permanent. I love displaying the kids art! Our home is very lived in and doesn’t need to be perfect so the living room is a great place for it!

  5. What a great idea! These pictures are just too precious! And you will have memories of your children to enjoy for years to come.

  6. So cute! My DIL has actually framed some of the girls’ art to hang on the walls in their rooms. I always had lots of magnets on my fridge.

  7. Those are really cute drawings. My fridge is also covered in my kids’ art. I love all the hand art ideas. I’ll need to share those and show them to my kids.


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