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When I saw my daughter’s preschool supply list, I smiled. Her list was filled with fun art supplies — stickers, tissue paper, foam, beads, piper cleaners, glitter and, of course, Elmer’s glue. My girl is going to have the best time making projects this year — the best! And it made my crafty heart smile. I want to go back to preschool!

Elmer's School Supplies
Elmer’s glue is a must have for classrooms and at home. I always a couple of bottles of School Glue and several glue sticks on hand to craft with my kids. It’s a staple we can’t craft without.

In fact, one of my toddler’s favorite projects is to glue. Yes, that is the project. I cut up construction paper and let her glue away. As she glues she adds the tiny scraps and creates a toddler mosaic. She makes several of these masterpieces each week, so everyone who visits is gifted with their very own “glue project.” 

Toddler Glue Craft
As much as I love to craft on my own, making projects with my kids has become my thing. I’ve learned (and I am still learning) to let go and let them take control over kid-designed projects. My oldest loves when I present her with a project idea that I designed, but her favorite thing is to sit down with a pile of supplies and just create.

One of the best gifts my mom has gotten K is an Arts and Crafts Supply Case filled with all kinds of features, pom poms, jewels, ribbon, foam shapes, buttons, etc. Armed with construction paper a bottle of Elmer’s glue and a few glue sticks, the set keeps her entertained for hours crafting, gluing and creating.

I wonder where she gets it?

When not creating their own projects, Elmer’s is often what brings projects I design to life. (Or should I say that it is the glue that holds our projects together.) Just in time for back to school Elmer’s helped us create a tissue paper school bus and Popsicle stick pencils.

Back to School Bus Upcycled Craft
Popsicle Stick Pencil Back to School Craft
I am always dreaming about the next project we will make, and just this week I picked up some Elmer’s Glitter Glue. School glue is a staple, but I have a special project in mind for this glitter glue! Think Frozen…

In addition to all of the projects we make at home, now that school is starting I am about to be bombarded with adorable projects from both of my kids. Art their favorite subject in school, and my favorite challenge is finding refrigerator space for all of the special treasures. 

I can’t imagine our home without at least two or three projects in the works, and Elmer’s is my glue of choice when it comes to crafting with my kids. Elmer’s is America’s #1 School Glue. A must-have for every backpack, Elmer’s School Glue is always safe, always washable. 

School Supplies
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What will Elmer’s help you create next?

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