Back To School: School Bus Countdown Kids Craft

Two weeks from today my baby girl starts Kindergarten!!! While I am still not ready for this huge step, my little girl is. These days all she can talk about is riding the school bus, meeting new friends and learning to read. It is a very exciting time.

To celebrate the big day, and the very important school bus ride, we made a School Bus Countdown craft. The craft is perfect for elementary aged children, and with the template I created (below) my daughter and friend (who is going into second grade) were able to put together their craft with very little help.

Back To School Countdown Kids Craft

School Bus Countdown Craft


  • Construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Stapler (optional)
  • Template

Start by printing the school bus template  I created for this craft and have an adult neatly cut out all of the shapes.

Back To School Countdown Bus Craft

Have the kids trace the template shapes onto yellow, black and red construction paper to create the parts of the school bus. Next let the kids cut out the shapes (with a pair of safety scissors, of course.)

With a glue stick assemble the parts of the bus, use the images in this post for guidance.

*** The black strip on the bus is not included on the template because I added it later. To create, just cut a thin strip of black construction paper to fit on your bus.

After the bus is assembled, have your student 1 inch cut strips of colored paper. (This is very approximate. I let my daughter draw lines with a ruler and then cut her own line. While nothing is precise, it is great practice.)

Using a stapler (or glue stick), create interlocking loops out of the paper strips. One loop for each day until school starts. Then attach chains to the school bus.

Hang your school bus countdown in a central location and tear off a loop each day until school starts.

Happy School Year!

Back To School School Bus Craft

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