Laundry Essentials For Back To School

One of the most useful gifts I received when I headed off to college was a laundry tub filled with everything I needed to tackle my laundry. Practical and oh-so-useful. In fact, I still have that laundry tub and still use the products she included in it. One product included in my laundry tub was Biz Stain Fighter.

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Biz Stain Fighter
Mom has always used Biz as her go-to stain remover, and whenever I called with a particularly tough stain she would say, “Did you try Biz? Throw it in with some Biz.” And usually, she was right (as usual). Everyone has their favorite stain remover, and mom’s has always been Biz.

I took the Biz challenge on a pair of my toddler’s shorts — shorts that she wore on the playground. A little dirt, a little grass and a lot of ground in stains.

How to Remove Grass Dirt Stains
Biz can be used as a laundry additive, a pretreat or a presoak. For this stain, I knew I needed a pretreat. After a quick pretreat, into the wash as normal. And after, pretty pink shorts again — ready for a new day of play.

Remove Grass Dirt Stains
Biz contains more stain-fighting ingredients than it’s competition. It fights four types of stains with the same power it has had for 40 years.

Biz Stain Fighter

Back To School Laundry Essentials

If you are sending a student back to school this year, give them the gift of stain-free laundry with their own laundry tub full of the essentials they need to tackle life’s laundry messes — big and small.

Dorm Room Laundry Gift Basket

15 thoughts on “Laundry Essentials For Back To School”

  1. Oh wow, those turned out great! I have never tried it before, but always have a tough time with grass and dirt stains from the baseball field! I will have to give it a try!

  2. i never saw this laundry brand before.But love seeing great results.I will definetly look in the store and would love to try it.

  3. I had no idea that Biz contained more stain fighting ingredients than it’s competition! I am going to look for Biz on my next shopping trip. I’m always looking for something to help me get my husbands work clothes cleaner. Thanks for the laundry help! 🙂

  4. I have seem Biz on the shelf,and wondered if it worked well.I have some stains to get out know on a shirt. and not sure what it is either.
    I will have to try this know seeing how good it did with those shorts.

  5. When had an active toddler, I realized my regular laundry detergent would never get out the stains on colors! My mom told me about Biz which got out grass stains and other “souvenirs” of our day at the park. It saved a lot of clothing!

  6. This is nice to know! I always have a hard time getting the clothes stain free. I am dealing with pit stains right now.


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