How To Teach Your Kids To Do Laundry

New School Laundry – Teach Your Kids To Do Laundry

Laundry day is a family affair in our house. Everyone pitches in to help, and I do mean everyone – even the baby has a job to do. We’ve been doing laundry together for so long, our process is a well-oiled machine. Like everything else, teaching by example when they are little is the key …

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Dorm Room Laundry Gift Basket

Laundry Essentials For Back To School

One of the most useful gifts I received when I headed off to college was a laundry tub filled with everything I needed to┬átackle my laundry. Practical and oh-so-useful. In fact, I still have that laundry tub and still use the products she included in it. One product included in …

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Tide + Downy + Bounce = Laundry Day!

It’s Monday (well, it was when I started this post!), and in my house that means it’s laundry day (again). With kids the laundry never really stops, and I do various loads throughout the week, but a typical laundry day that means five plus loads – more or less depending …

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Save Energy & Money By Washing In COLD With Tide Coldwater

It’s a no-brainier, using cold water to wash your laundry saves energy and money. In fact, according to TLC, about 90% of the energy needed to wash a load of laundry is used for heating the water – yikes! So washing in cold water can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. …

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