Free Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read App ($49.99 value)

To celebrate National Teacher’s Day today, you can download the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Classroom Edition app from the Apple iTunes store today-only for FREE for the iPhone and iPad! ($49.99 value)

Designed to help you prepare your students for Common Core State Standards, the research-based lessons and eBooks in the program provide systematic instruction and practice with the Common Core 

Foundational Reading Skills for Kindergarten including: 

• Print concepts
• Phonological awareness
• Phonics word recognition

Suitable for single- or multiple-users, students can easily, independently navigate this app. Each 10-minute phonics lesson concludes with three corresponding eBooks, where students apply the phonemes, rimes and sight words they have learned in the context of a meaningful story. The program works effectively whether used daily or sporadically throughout the week. Students are able to repeat previous lessons for additional practice if needed, or move on to new lessons as appropriate.

Learn more and download the app here.


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