Building And Maintaining Strong Bones For Life With Viactiv

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When I was little girl mom shared the importance of eating a balanced meal, and she made sure to serve us green veggies every day. But even as hard as she tried to make sure we were getting our daily intake of vitamins and minerals through our food, she knew that we might not get everything we need so she made sure we took a daily vitamin and a daily calcium supplement.

Did you know Almost 70% of women, on average, are calcium deficient. However, that number jumps significantly for teen girls: 86% of teen girls do not get enough calcium in their daily diets. This is critical because 95% of bone building happens by age 20.

Mom knew all of that because in our house every dinner ended with a vitamin an a calcium. She was determined to help us build up a reserve of calcium so that we wouldn’t face an early depletion of calcium in our bones. And she made sure we understood the importance why we ate those calcium tablets. (Thanks Mom!)

Of course, back in the ’80s calcium supplements tasted like chalk. And I remember fighting mom on taking those things. (Sorry Mom.) Too bad Viactiv wasn’t around back then, taking my calcium would have been a lot easier, and tastier too!

Viactiv Calcium Chews Chocolate Caramel
Available in chocolate and caramel, the chocolate ones taste like a generic Tootsie Roll. But since they are good for me, it is like an excuse to have a little candy each day. 

I’ve always been a milk drinker. Even today I have a glass of milk a day, plus most days I eat cheese too. But I admit that I haven’t taken a calcium supplement (other than what was in my prenatal vitamins) since I went away to college. While I am long past my years of bone building, now is the time I need to make sure that I am maintaining my bone strength. According to this chart, I should be getting at least 1,000 mg of calcium a day. And since my daily glass of milk only has 300 mg, I am afraid I am falling short!

How Much Calcium Women Need Daily
Each Viactive Chew contains 500 mg, so two chews is equal to 100% of the recommended daily dose for women maintaining their calcium levels plus vitamins D3 & K. They are intended to help achieve recommended daily dietary levels of these nutrients as a supplement to diet/food sources. That makes getting your daily calcium easy.

Not included on the chart are levels for the little ones, but according to Viactiv’s FAQ girls 4-8 need 800 mg of calcium daily. For now both of my daughters drink three glasses of milk per day, which is enough calcium to meet the recommended amount for their ages, but that won’t always be the case.

So it is my job to share with the importance of calcium, just like my mom shared it with me. And, like my mom, to set a good example about getting my calcium now too. Luckily with these tasty Viactiv Chews, that won’t be an issue because I want these kiddos to build strong bones.

How much calcium do you get each day? Do you think you get 1,000 mg? How about your daughters? I am guessing not enough. Now is the time to share with your daughters the importance of calcium to help them grow strong bones. Check out this chart of foods that are high in calcium and see how much you are really getting. 

Calcium Serving Chart
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