Join Me For A #LetsTalkBanking Twitter Party May 7 ~ Prizes

Are you a saver or a spender? I am a saver. I always have been. Don’t get me wrong, I love to treat myself (or more likely my girls) to a new outfit, but ultimately I am a saver. 

My husband calls me his little squirrel because I am always squirreling away money. A little here, a little there. It adds up over time, and whenever there is a need for something I seem to have a nice stash to cover it. You know, exciting things like an emergency oven repair. 

But while I am good at saving, much like my inbox my bank account is a bit unorganized. One of my goals for 2014 is to get a better handle on things so I know what it is what, but so far I haven’t made any real strides toward that goal. That’s about to change.

Piggy Bank

#LetsTalkBanking Twitter Party

I am partnering with The Motherhood for a Twitter Party to talk about banking. From money styles (spenders and savers) to various banking account options we are going to learn from a leading market research firm about a unique and exciting project to learn more about families’ banking decisions and behaviors. And you are invited to learn with us. 

Throughout the party, there will be questions related to selecting and switching primary banks, spending patterns and saving habits! We are looking forward to hearing your feedback, so come ready to share your thoughts and opinions. (And I will be taking notes from all of you organized folks about what works for you!) 
The Twitter chat is designed to be a general discussion—so no one needs to (and no one should) share any personal or financial information. You know, just general tips about how to be better with money. Plus we will be giving away $50 Visa gift cards! 
When: May 7 at 12pm EST
Hashtag: #LetsTalkBanking
Prizes: 10 $50 Visa gift cards will be awarded to randomly selected participants who share feedback related to questions that @TheMotherhood25 asks throughout the party. Prizes are for U.S. participants only. 
Hosts: @TheMotherhood, @TheMotherhood25, @CooperMunroe, @EmilyMcKhann & @SuburbanMomClub (<– that’s me!)

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