Getting Organized With Playtex, One Sippy Cup At A Time ~ 10 Winner Giveaway

You know you’re the parent of a toddler when you open your cabinet and a wave of sippy cups and lids tumbles out crashing to the floor. (You know you are in my house when that happens weekly daily.)

For the last six years, my middle cabinet has been dedicated to all things kids — first bottles, then sippies and even aluminum thermoses. Not to mention plastic bowls and plates that don’t always nest well together. It is madness, and it drives my husband bonkers. 

Of course everything falls out all over the place because nothing stacks. As part of the Playtex Baby Mom Trust, I discovered the Playtex SmartStand to help corral the mess and prevent the cascade of falling sippy lids.

Playtex Smart Stand Sippy Cup Organizer

The SmartStand holds and organizes up to 12 lids, and what I like about it is that it is a universal organizer. While we do have a lot of Playtex sippies, I must admit that I also have a few other brands as well (shhhh…). All of our sippy lids fit nicely on the stand.

The design is really so simple, I wonder why I didn’t think of it before. With a non-slip base, the stand spins for access to all of the lids, which rest comfortably on the holders. No more mess. 

While my daughters are long past the bottle age, here’s the thing about sippy cups. It isn’t just the cup. It is the cup, the lid and the valve. So it is pretty much all the work of a bottle to clean. And the lids and the valves never fully dry in the dishwasher, never. So this is what my counter looks like on a typical day — sippy cups, valves and even the grooved edges of the cups drying on the counter. 

Sippy Cups
We look like we never do our dishes, but this pile is clean! And by the time we put it away, the dishwasher is already filling back up, and the next day the counter is covered in sippies again.

While the Playtex SmartSpace Drying Rack is intended for bottle drying, it does great for sippy cup drying too. Instead of having sippy cups and lids sprawling on my counter, they are contained on the drying rack. They still need time to dry, but at least now they look like clean dishes! 

Playtex Smart Stand Sippy Cup Organizer

Plus the drying rack is modular. You can use the two bases together as one large drying rack or separate them and just use one base — if you ever have just a few things to dry. 

I also like that it comes with its own padded drying mat for under the rack. Which, by the way, is machine washable.  

Playtex SmartSpace Drying Rack

Whether you are just starting with bottles or living in the land of sippy cups, the Playtex SmartStand and the Playtex SmartSpace Drying Rack are great tools for mom to stay organized. Available on Amazon and Babies R Us for $7.99 and $17.99 respectivly.


Ten lucky readers will win both the Playtex SmartStand and the Playtex SmartSpace Drying Rack. (Yes 10 winners!)

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78 thoughts on “Getting Organized With Playtex, One Sippy Cup At A Time ~ 10 Winner Giveaway”

  1. In theory… since the baby isnt here yet… it would start as bottles… (She want to try breast feeding, though… didn’t work for me… so I wanna be prepared)

  2. hahaha! Sippy cups since I just throw them all into an overflowing basket! Maybe this will end the argument between my husband & I and how to store the darn things

  3. both my niece and nephew will be moving in here and will be needed badly for my nieces bottles and my nephews sippy cups they are always everywhere and we dont have a lot of space anyway so this would be perfect šŸ™‚

  4. I would give this to my sister in law, she has a toddler who is using both bottles and cups right now šŸ˜‰ so I think that it would come in very hand for her.

  5. Living in the land of sippy cups…lol, yep that’s where I am! I would use it mostly for sippy cups but occassionally a bottle or two would be on it too.

  6. Wow! This is so neat, I didn’t even know they had anything out on the market like this. I really want one of these to give to my daughter-in-law for my grandson, he has just started using sippy cups recently.


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