The Best Gift I Ever Received + $100 Kohl’s Giveaway

tsm 2I am a sentimental fool. I keep everything. And yet thinking about the best gift I ever received nearly stressed me out!

The desk chair my boyfriend (now husband) gave me and assembled with my grandfather (before he passed)? My first anniversary ring that I still wear daily? Our first anniversary trip from my parents? My puppy (now nine years old)?

But I decided to go back further. To a gift from the ’80s. 

It was the summer of 1988 when my little sister gave me chicken pox. (No, that wasn’t the best gift ever.) While I was miserable and itchy, mom took care of me like she always did. But she had (and still has) this knack for going that extra mile (or 100 miles) to really make people happy, and to commiserate with my itchy self, she gave this Cabbage-Patch loving girl a Cabbage Patch Doll.

It was the ’80s so that alone was special. But this wasn’t just any Cabbage Patch Doll, mom took a red Sharpie and gave my doll chicken pox — just like mine. Down to the fact that she mimicked my spot pattern including the one in the corner of my eye.

I wish I could remember her name, but here she is – spots and all.

Vintage Cabbage Patch Doll

I’m not gonna take off her clothes, but let me assure you that she is covered in spots — head to toe. Mom didn’t miss a detail.

Sometimes it isn’t just the gift, it’s the story that goes with the gift.

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  1. I need this so bad! (WELL, my husband needs this for Christmas shopping for me)! I love Kohl’s and hate spending money on myself!


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