5 Holiday Shopping Problems Solved With Pick UR Gift ~ $500 Amazon Giveaway

tsm 2It is gift giving season, and if you are anything like me you are stressed with worry over selecting the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Because let’s face it, we all put that kind of pressure on ourselves — it has to be perfect

Wouldn’t thins be a lot easier if people would just tell you what they wanted? Or at least if they would screen your choices ahead of time to tell you if you were on the right track? Um, yeah it would be.

With the new app Pick UR Gift, that’s exactly what happens. Check out this little video to see how it works:


5 Holiday Shopping Problems Solved 

You are a terrible gift giver – Ok, you are probably not that bad, but when it comes to the most wonderful time of year, your palms get all sweaty thinking about what to give everyone on your list. (And why does that list keep growing?!?!) Wouldn’t it be great if people would just tell you what they want. No more Christmas morning anxiety, just sit back and let people open the presents you know they are gonna love because they pre-approved your selection.

You are shopping for the person who has everything – The hardest people to shop for are those who have everything (and those who buy what they want days before Christmas – like my husband). The problem isn’t knowing what they will like, it is making sure they don’t already have it — and don’t buy it before Christmas. Make a list of everything you are considering for Christmas and let them tell you before the big day which items they already have. Who knows, maybe they will even refrain from buying that coffee maker you are planning the week before Christmas. (*I might be speaking from experience here.) 

Kids grow up so fast – The last time you saw your BFFs kids they were in to Barbies, but now they are in high school and you have no idea what’s cool. (Gawd, when did you become an out-of-the-loop grown up!?!) Just like Santa you can make a list, but then have them check it twice to let you know if you are the cool “Aunt” or just another clueless adult. 

Out of state friends and family – What in the world should you buy for your sister-in-law (and her kids) who live out of state? You have no idea what they are into right now, let alone what they already have. (Last Christmas I bought my SIL a sweater she already bought herself – great gift, but she already had it.) Make your list, ask for their opinion, gift giving problem solved.

You have too many good ideas – While some people are impossible to buy for, there are others you could shop for all day (and blow your entire holiday budget on). Narrow your awesome ideas down to the very best by asking your favorite person to shop for which gift they would appreciate most. 

Pick UR Gift Shopping List

Five holiday shopping problems, one simple solution – Pick UR Gift. Take all of the worry an angst out of gift giving this holiday season. Sign up for Pick UR Gift, shop for the best ideas, make your lists and then share your list with others to find out what they want most. 

Happy gift giving! 


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