I Was Blown Away By Disney’s Frozen

Disney’s Frozen is magically enchanting. From the very first note I was captivated by the soundtrack. The scenery is breathtaking, the characters lovable and the story a classic. Frozen is a return to Disney’s classic storytelling, and for the first time in a long time this movie will replace old favorites as a new, beloved favorite.

Is it really that good? Yes. Yes it is.

“Mommy, I love Frozen so much. I think it is now my favorite — even more than Sleeping Beauty,” my daughter K said. (And that is saying a lot!)  

Disney Frozen Poster

There’s no denying that I love Disney movies. They are on an almost continual loop in our house, but it has been a while since one has struck me as powerfully as Frozen. Don’t get me wrong, I adored Wreck It Ralph and Monsters U was fantastic. But I am a sucker for a strong score that makes you want to break out in song, and it has been a while since I was so moved by a cartoon. 

Despite the new-tech CG and 3D effects, Frozen is a return to Disney’s roots. With the retelling of a Hans Christian Andersen story, Frozen embodies everything Walt Disney himself saw for his princesses – feisty, lovable, magical and timeless. (Not to mention lovely, of course.)

Frozen is everything you hope for in a Disney Princess movie — with two Princesses!

And for every sister who watches the movie there will be an extra special connection to the characters. Two sisters who are polar opposites prove that their family bond is more powerful than anything. Ahh if my own daughters learn anything from this movie, I hope that message rings loud and true. 

Disney Frozen Anna Elsa

Watching it with my own princesses, Frozen was a breath of fresh (chilly) air. While Brave was beautiful and unique story with the lovable Merida, the story was too old for my daughters. It was also dark, and it scared my girls.

Eyes wide in amazement, my girls never turned their gaze from the screen during Frozen as they delighted in ever moment. There is no real bad guy and nothing sinister. Frozen is appropriate for any age (my girls are two and five for reference).

Plus there is Olaf. Born of a childhood memory, Olaf is the funniest snowman to ever come to life. (Not that we have seen a snowman come to life since Frosty, but trust me, he is funny.) From his dream of a warm climate to the way he falls apart again and again, both girls giggled out loud at all of the right places. I am pretty sure Olaf will perpetuate my daughter’s dream of building a snowman here in Florida. (Hmmmm…)

Disney Frozen Anna Hans Olaf Sven

Although Anna turns to Hans for assistance in her quest, she is far from a damsel in distress. While her naivety puts her at a severe disadvantage when it comes to the ways of the world, facing insurmountable odds to find her sister and end winter does not faze her. Her unwavering faith in her sister and determination makes her a princess to admire.

Disney Frozen Anna Hans

In contrast, poor Elsa has lost faith in everything, especially herself. Cursed from birth with a power no one understands, she is isolated and alone. But when her power is unleashed to its full potential, the ability to be herself allows her to finally feels free and alive. Can she learn to rejoice and control her inner power? 

Disney Frozen Elsa

Frozen is truly captivating and wonderful — for adults and children of all ages. Centered around the messages of love and acceptance, everyone will leave the theater with a smile on their face. 

This is the next great Disney princess movie.

Disney’s Frozen is in theaters November 27, 2013. After you eat your turkey, take the family to see it! 

I mentioned the ah-mazing score, listen to a snippet of the Frozen soundtrack online. I cannot stop singing “Let it go.” (Dear Santa, please fill my stocking with the soundtrack!)

15 thoughts on “I Was Blown Away By Disney’s Frozen”

  1. I definitely have to get this for my 2 year old grandson! Sounds like it is going to be a wonderful movie to watch! I have always loved Disney movies! Thanks for sharing your review on this!!

  2. I went with my 4 year old son, 3y.o. & 9y.o. Nephews and each of them enjoyed it. They laughed and giggled. My 4y.o. Was scared at some parts but he is ready to see it again.

  3. I took my girls on Thanksgiving Day, after our feast! It was just wonderful – I was so pleased. Of course, it would have been nice if my 3 year old hadn’t felt the need to get up and go on walkabout halfway through the film, but she’s just not as much of a movie girl as her big sister. We still had a great time and my oldest already is asking to see it again.

  4. My 5 year old grandson turned me on to this movie and it is such a great movie. We have watched this movie over 20 times and every time I find something I missed before. He loves this movie and sings all the songs. We have since found the one with the sing a long words at bottom of screen (which helps him to read) and now we loved that also. The Richmond Coliseum is now having the play there starting September 18 – 22 and I wish I could afford to take him to see it live but unfortunately I’m not able to. Ok, truthfully I would love to see it myself…lol. But maybe next year or another time.


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