Hip-Hip Horay For Cheerin’ Minnie

While I initially frowned upon singing and dancing toys, my girls have converted me. A couple of years ago grandma gave them Dance Star Mickey. Not only do my girls still love him, but I credit him (in part) for encouraging my little one to take her first steps so she could dance

So when I saw Cheerin’ Minnie at the store, I knew I had to get her for my little one. She’s a hit! 

Cheer Minnie Mouse

Minnie says 20 cheerful phrases including singing “Oh Mickey,” which is my girls’ favorite part. Straight from the Minnie Mouse Bow-tique line, he shakes her little pom poms and giggles to the delight of my daughters. 

Plus she is pretty durable, my toddler likes to pick her up to give her hugs, and more than a couple of times she has been dropped. But she just keeps on cheering. 

Minnie is so cute cheering and shaking those pom poms, you might just find that your little cheerleader needs to get in on the pom pom action too. Luckily, there is also a coordinating Minnie Mouse Cheerleader Costume. (Just saying.) 

Most of Minnie’s cheer phrases are very short, so she doesn’t go on and on. Short cheers means that there is constantly a scramble to push the button again (which is hidden in the bow on top of her left shoe), but the kids don’t seem to mind. 

Unlike Dance Star Mickey (who as a plush head), Cheerin’ Minnie has a hard plastic head. Since my girls like to love on Minnie, my one complaint about the toy would be her hard head. But it doesn’t effect play at all, and if we didn’t have a plush Dance Star Mickey, I might not have noticed at all.

Cheerin’ Minnie takes 4 double A batteries, which are included.

Buy It: Cheer Minnie is available at Walmart and on Amazon. She retails for $44.99, but both currently have her listed for $39.97. (Tip – You can get her in frustration-free packaging from Amazon, plus she ships free with no tax.) 

Great Gift For: Minnie Mouse fans! Cheer Minnie lists the age as 36 months – 7 years, and I agree. She was a birthday gift for my two year old, but my 5 year old plays with her just as much.

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29 thoughts on “Hip-Hip Horay For Cheerin’ Minnie”

  1. Had I known this was available, I’d have gotten this for my grand daughters gift. She is ALL about that mouse pair!!!!! Her 2nd bday was in October and since about a month before (making bday celebration plans with a Minnie and Mickey theme) she has been nothing but M & M. All tv is this, all talk, all toys, she walks around in mouse ears. Gosh this is cute!

  2. That’s super cute! My daughter isn’t really into Minnie, but my niece (she’s 5) is a huge Minnie fan, so this would be an awesome gift for her! Thanks for the review!

  3. My friend’s two year old would LOVE this toy. She had a Minnie-themed birthday party and she sports team cheerleader outfits when she goes to sporting events, so I think she’d be all about this!

  4. Oh I love Minnie Mouse and always have. My neice and her mother (who was a cheerleader) are huge Disney fans. They would love it.

  5. My great niece would LOVE this Minnie doll! She was Minnie Mouse for Halloween and for Christmas, Santa brought her a two wheel Minnie Mouse bike and helmet ! 🙂

  6. Minnie is so cute as a cheer leader. My great grand daughter would love her. Last year I got her the dancing Mickey. She watches them on TV every day.

  7. This is a fantastic toy… However, our dancing Minnie has a cheer that is questionable. She says:

    “Shake your pompoms- like a salt shaker… now bring on the strippers!”

    It sounds crazy & it’s been driving me nuts since Christmas. Is that what she’s really saying?! It sounds JUST like that. We listened to it a million times. I hope I’m just nuts & someone can tell me what she is REALLY saying! Lol


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