Family DIY Pizza Night With Pillsbury

My daughter started Kindergarten six weeks ago, but I am still getting used to her being gone all day. Although I don’t miss the challenge of entertaining her all day — like I did all summer — I miss her. She adjusted nicely, but mom and baby sister miss her.

K’s favorite thing to do is to create projects. Since we don’t have time during the day to create as many projects as we are used to, I have decided to channel some of that energy into dinner. One of the easiest ways to get kids involved in the kitchen, and K’s favorite way is with DIY pizza night.

We tried making our own pizza dough once. Once. It wasn’t a pretty experience, so I am happy to leave it to Pillsbury to do the hard work for me.

Pillsbury Pizza Crust

Pillsbury Pizza Crust + our favorite toppings = easy and fun family diner. Otherwise known as a dinner “project.”

Another bonus to letting Pillsbury take care of the dough is that Pillsbury products participate in Box Tops for Education. Since K is obsessed with collecting them for her school, it’s a nice dinner plus.

Pillsbury Pizza Crust Box Tops For Education

Of course, the best part about making dinner when you are a kid is always taste testing everything. It doesn’t matter if we are making cookies or pizza, this girl wants to taste everything. (Don’t worry, that’s an extra spoon.)

Taste Tester

After tasting all of the ingredients, it was time to actually make some pizza. (And sneak a few extra pepperoni too.) K got to work perfecting her canvas, and she took great pride in her work.

Mom note – The instructions on the Pillsbury Pizza Crust offer two options one for a crunchier crust and one for a thicker crust. The crunchier crust involves pre-baking the pizza crust before topping. I always pre-bake my pizza for a bit to avoid a soggy crust, and that means the pan is HOT when it is time to top. So make sure you warn little ones to stay clear of the hot pan. (We had a minor incident right after this picture — very minor, but still. That’s my warning.)

DIY Pillsbury Pizza

How does your family top their pizza?

Our family’s favorite pizza is pepperoni and green olives. I’ll admit that when my husband first introduced me to this combo when we started dating, I thought he was nuts. But it has grown on me over the years, and since my daughter likes to eat green olives by the handful, it’s our perfect pizza.

Pillsbury DIY Pizza Dough

Family pizza night is a delicious solution to busy school nights. It’s easy and the kids are happy to help with the prep work!

So that’s our pizza. What’s your perfect family pizza?

Pizza crust that’s deliciously easy! Unroll, bake and enjoy in minutes. Pillsbury pizza crust, it’s the perfect canvas for your favorite toppings.

Pillsbury Logo

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7 thoughts on “Family DIY Pizza Night With Pillsbury”

  1. our family pizza would be pepperoni and cheese usually from little
    I will have to try this sometime it looks delicious and if I had my way I would have the works on my pizza a little of everything even anchovies 🙂

  2. My girls (and their parents) love pizza! For us it is a special treat when we have pizza night so making it would make that memory much more special! I too tried making our own dough and sauce once and never did it again! From that point on we would order it or go somewhere but I’ll have to try the Pillsbury dough…and our favorite topping is definitely pineapple & canadian bacon or just pineapple!


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