Disney On Ice Presents Princesses And Heroes Show Review


What a spectacular way to spend Friday night… with our princesses watching Disney on Ice Presents Princesses and Heroes.  There is not a more magical city than Orlando for Disney on Ice to kick off its tour.

Disney on Ice Princesses & Heros

In addition to the show, we were lucky enough to be invited attend a special pre-show event where Belle came to take pictures with all “her guests.” The kids were given swords, blinking tiaras, Mickey hats and life-size Mickey-head lollipops. Great treats to get all Princesses and Heroes ready for showtime!

Disney on Ice Belle

Disney never fails to bring the magic of its movies to life in a live performance. The set was three stories high and was used by many a prince jump down to rescue their princess. One cannot help but notice the beautiful costumes, so rich in vivid detail, so as to bring the characters to life. The talented cast made all the acrobatics and dances look effortless as they whisked over the ice all evening.

Disney on Ice Princesses and Heroes

In Princesses and Heroes, Tinker Bell served as master of ceremonies throughout the show and our girls lit up to see her come to life.  The use of a few pyrotechnics really added a spectacular element to the Sleeping Beauty act. (I won’t spoil the surprise!)

The show was impressive with something for everyone including scenes from Aladdin, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Princess and the Frog, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and, of course, the grand finale.

Our girls, even at the age of 3, sat in awe of the whole show, watching each scene unfold and naming each character as they swept across the ice.  Just as all children in the audience, they loved watching their favorite Princesses come to life right before their eyes!  Squeals could be heard rows away when the Ariel took the ice .  (They both want to be Ariel for Halloween this year, so it was perfect.) During the finale, expect a big send off and something for the kids to remember long after they leave.

Disney on Ice Orlando

Mommy tip for the evening: pack some of your own snacks. With snow comes priced at $12 and $15, it is a huge savings to pack some juice boxes, popcorn and your kiddos favorite candy.

Also, be ready to combat the numerous stands at every twist and turn as you navigate through the sea of people for Disney merchandise.  You can bet your little one will be allured by the souvenirs, including cups, shirts, electronics if you don’t stay focused.

Disney On Ice souvenirs

Disney on Ice Presents Princesses and Heroes is now on tour. If you are looking for something to do and a performance that you won’t soon forget, take your little one to see this exciting performance. Disney on Ice PresentsPrincesses and Heroes  is a wonderful way to create magical memories with your children that will live on long after the show is over!

Thank you to Rosalie for sharing her thoughts on the show.

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  1. We just bought tickets to the show for December 1st in Greenville SC! Can anyone tell Me how long the show lasts and what to expect?!

  2. I just purchased tickets yesterday for me and my husband to take our 4 oldest grandchildren- a 5 y.o. boy and his 4 y.o. sister, and twins- 3.5 y.o. boy & girl to see this show in Indianapolis in January. Since I’m giving them as Xmas gifts, I wanted to also give them a Disney souvenir that they’ll be able to take to the show. Any suggestions????

    • I would suggest something that lights up that they can use during the show. I think Target has some Disney toys that light and spin, that’s what I would look for. Have fun!


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