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Do your video-game-lovin’ kids zoom around the house pretending they are Dusty or El Chupacabra from Disney’s Planes? Then they are going to love the new interactive video game from Disney inspired by the movie where they can fly through 10 environments from Prop Wash Junction to China. 

Planes Video Game Wii

While in LA learning all about Disney’s Planes, I had a chance to see the game in action. Although not a big gamer myself, my favorite part about the game was “Free Flight.” It was so neat freely fly throughout the different scenes. I am guessing die-hard gamers might get board in this mood of play, but I couldn’t believe how many things there were to see in each scene. 

Although the game is rated “E” for everyone, it seemed a bit challenging. Although suitable for young eyes, play level is probably a bit much for the smallest fans. (Although free flight is perfect for wee pilots.) 

In addition to cool visuals, the game features the voices from the movie — including Dan Cooke, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards. Who doesn’t want to race through the air as their favorite Planes character?

Console Features:

  • Play as 10 different film characters with pick-up-and-play flight controls
  • From Propwash Junction to China, travel through 10 movie-inspired environments
  • Experience four exciting modes of play, such as Air Rallies, Story, Free Flight and Balloon Popping
  • 1-2 players: Choose your character in single-player or drop-in and drop-out co-op play

Handheld Features:

  • Play as one of 6 cast of characters from the film
  • Travel through 6 breathtaking environments inspired by the film
  • Over 40 challenges and missions, including racing missions;
  • Three exciting modes of play: Story, Challenge and Balloon Popping fun!
  • Single-player as any of the characters featured in the game

The game is available on Nintendo 3DS™, Nintendo DS™, PC, Wii U™, Wii™ systems.

So who will your kids play as? Dusty, Ripslinger, Echo or someone else?

Disney Planes Video Game Dusty

Disney’s Planes is now in theaters.

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  2. This is a very nice video game to get for the Holidays. It looks like fun, and I can buy the movie and get the game to go with it to give to my nephew!

  3. We haven’t seen the movie yet! That hasn’t stopped both my boys from being totally crazy about Dusty just from seeing commercials though!


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