Carlos Alazraqui Is El Cupacabra In Disney’s Planes – And He’s Gonna Make You Laugh


“I swish my cape at you!”

After watching Disney’s Planes with my family this weekend that phrase instantly became a thing in my house. “I swish my cape at you and you and you and you!”

From the moment El Cupacabra announced his presence in Planes I was a fan. My love for El Chup only grew when I had a chance to sit down with Carlos Alazraqui – the voice of the hilarious El Cupacabra. A long-time voice actor and stand-up comedian, Carlos is just as funny in person as his various characters on-screen. Plus he’s a dad and a really down-to-earth kind of guy. 

So down-to-earth, he was cool with posing for a picture with my daughter’s favorite toy — just for her! (That’s Captain Barnacles, in case you are wondering.)

Carlos Alazraqui Disney Planes

Although you may not recognize his face, I didn’t, or even his name,again I didn’t, as soon as he opens his mouth and character voices begin spilling out recognition is instantaneous! Listening and watching Carlos as he slipped in and out of various popular cartoon characters was a trip and a treat. From some of our Disney favorites like Felipe on Handy Manny and King Magnus on Sofia the First to more well-know roles such as Rocko on Rocko’s Modern Life and the Taco Bell Chihuahua his IMDB page is a laundry list of characters big and small. In fact, Carlos told me that he has done voice work for more than 100 different characters. 

The most interesting thing about how Carlos got the job is that he never expected to be in the final movie. Carlos was called in to do an initial read of the script. Voice actors who participate in read throughs do not typically get cast in the film, but the casting director liked Carlos’ El Chupabra so much that he was cast in the in movie. Pretty cool. 

Although my favorite El Chup line is “I swish my cape at you!,” Carlos said his favorite line is “That’s my lunch, don’t touch that.” It’s also a funny line, so listen for it in the movie. 

Disney Planes Bloggers with Carlos In late 2008, Alazraqui

There is something fundamentally lovable about El Chupacabra, he is larger than life (actually bigger than other planes as well) and his grand gestures are both comical and sincere. Most of all, from the moment El Chup announces his instant friendship with Dusty he behaves like a true friend who understands what it means to stand by his friends.

We are big El Chupacabra fans in this house! Thanks for the laughs Carlos.

Disney’s Planes is now in theaters.

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  1. I’m so happy to read this post about Carlos Alazraqui….after watching Planes, we all started talking about who did what voice. The one my husband was most interested in learning about was the voice of El Cupacabra…he did such a great job! One of our favorites for sure!


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