Last Day Of School Sign ~ Free Printable

“I see a school bus!!!” K shouted. “The best kinds of busses are school busses and the ones with a potty on them.”

For the last few months school busses are at the top of her list of favorite topics to discuss. K will be headed off to Kindergarten in the fall, and today she had her last day of pre-K. Last. Day. Of pre-K. That’s huge.

As I looked through the precious photo book her teacher made for her as an end of the year gift, I was more than a little choked up. Mentally, I am so not ready for this next phase. But I am trying to get there, so I have been prepping myself.

In fact, I even made a Last Day of Pre-K sign for her to hold in her last day pics and remembered to dress her in her first day of school outfit – too bad I couldn’t find those socks. (Boy have her shoes gotten beaten up this year!) Just look how much older she looks in one short year!!!

First Last Day Pre-K
And here she is with her Last Day of Pre-K sign. Cute, right?

Last Day of Pre-K Sign
The sign turned out so cute, I decided to make one for K-12 plus one that just says Last Day of School and share them. That’s right, a free printable with a Last Day of School sign for your kiddo — just for you.

Download the Last Day of Pre-K – 12 grade.

Last Day of School Sign Free Printable

Happy Summer!!!

Ready to start the school year? Check out the matching First Day of School Printables.


  1. I can’t believe how much she has grown!!

  2. cute! although we aren’t out till the END OF JUNE!

  3. What a cutie! My kiddo will be out in June & off to middle school in Sept.! Hard to believe it’s almost summer! Visiting from Theresa

  4. WOW!!! I have seen a lot of “first and lasts” but she has REALLY changed!! How cute!!

    • I think using the same outfit really makes the difference show, but yeah. This year she changed from baby to little girl. (Tear.)

  5. Too cute! Where did you get the shirt with tie and skirt outfit?

    • The outfit is Gymboree from fall 2012. Guess it is already time to start hunting for the perfect back-to-school outfit for 2013!

  6. I love your last day sign. Do you have a first day version? I can’t seem to locate it if so! Thanks so much!!

  7. there is no link to signs for pre-k-12th all i see is the last day of school sign can u send me the last day of kindergarten sign

  8. I love your signs but I am unable to download the last day of school. Is there another way you could send it to me?

    • Hi Angela – To download the signs click on the words “Download the Last Day of Pre-K – 12 grade” or the image. That will take you to a Dropbox page, click on the download button there and that will download it to your computer. I just checked it again, and everything is working. Enjoy.

  9. Hi there,
    You don’t happen to have this format that says “First of of Play School” do you? I have one going to play school and one going to pre-school! This is the cutest sign ever!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • And I guess one also for “Last Day of Play School” 🙂

    • Hi Katie, I am sorry I missed this in the back to school rush! I don’t have one that says “Play School,” I have never even heard of Play School. But there is one that just says “School.” I hope you found something.

  10. Hi I used your First day of school sign for my daughter back in Aug.and loved it.. I tried to DL the Last day of school sign and dropbox says the file can not be opened…Help!

    • HI Kim, I am not sure what the trouble is. I actually had to download it from my own site last week after my computer completely crashed and I had to borrow my husband’s until Apple could resuscitate it, so I know it works. Try using a different device. When you click download, it should open to a Dropbox file. The file is HUGE, so when you download the file it is a zip file that will need to be unzipped. It should happen automatically on a computer, but might be trouble for a tablet. Hope that helps.


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