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I am obsessed with Instagram — obsessed. (BTW, do you follow me on Instagram? You totally should.) I have always been a shutterbug, never going anywhere without a camera (or two), but I used to be really bad about sharing my photos. The only one who really saw the pictures was me. The I discover Instagram. It was love at first click.

Now I am a picture-taking, picture-sharing fool! Which is a good thing, since my job is social media. When I attend events like the New FantasyLand Grand Opening, the Test Track reopening or LA red carpet premieres I love to Instagram, Tweet and Facebook my way through the event.

Little Mermaid Ariel #NewFantasyLand

One of the reasons I love it so much is that it is so easy. When I first fell in love with Instagram, the phone I had was slow. It tended to bug out on me, and I constantly had to shut down the app and start all over. I was patient and I dealt with the problems because it was all so fun and new, but I grew weary of dealing. That’s when the Samsung Galaxay SIII came into my life.

The Galaxy SIII was made for taking and sharing photos. With a HUGE screen (bigger than my hubs’ iPhone) and awesome built-in camera, I can clearly see what I am shooting and take awesome pictures — even before putting them through an Instagram filter. Like this lovely gem — no filter or editing, other than adding the watermark.

Cinderella's Castle Walt Disney World Christmas Nighttime

Truly, I use my Galaxy more for the social aspects than phone calls. I joke with my husband that it is my mini tablet that happens to make phone calls as well.

Because I am usually juggling two kids while trying to enjoy myself and share everything online, I do not have the time (or patience) to wait for a signal. I was so pleased on our last adventure to Disney to have awesome coverage. My husband was constantly searching for signal with his Instagrams getting stuck in a queue while mine went flying out of my phone left and right. So I am happy to report. Metro PCS has excellent service at Walt Disney World (a huge plus in my book).

Great service, 4G speed, a top-notch built-in camera and all the social media skills at my fingers means that I can stay on top of sharing everything from historical moments like the New FantasyLand ribbon cutting to adorable pictures of my kids with just a few swipes of my fingers. That’s technology a mom can use!

Disney #NewFantasyLand Ribbon Cutting Ginnfer Goodwin Jordan Sparks

My Galaxy makes me happy, and at the end of the day isn’t that what is important? I’m off to share some more photos of my girls being cute. Thanks to the slimness of my Galaxy is always in my back pocket ready for that picture-perfect moment.

If you are looking to upgrade your Instagram experience, check out the Samsung Galaxy SIII from Metro PCS.

Product sample provided, however, all thoughts and options are my own.

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