Happy Three-Year Blogiversary To The Suburban Mom

Three years. That’s how long I have been a blogger. It was three years ago this month that I was inspired to start a blog, and three years ago this week that I took the leap and posted my very first post.

When I started, I had no idea where this blog would lead me. I started blogging as an outlet to write and share. When I started, I didn’t even know there was an entire blogging world out there. I don’t think I had ever even read a blog when I started. In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined that my simple little blog would garner the attention of thousands of readers each week and open doors into
amazing and exciting opportunities.

It was a hobby, but somewhere along the lines it became more. My simple little blog is now my full-time job. I don’t go into an office any more, but I work every day. I work to find and share amazing deals, to be in-the-know on the latest and greatest products, and bring my readers content that they want and enjoy. It’s hard work, and like all jobs there are days I am tired and stressed. But then something wonderful happens and I am ready to go again! In other words, I love my job!

Over the past three years, I have had the privileged of working with a number of amazing companies here are a few of my favorite highlights over the last year:

  1. Reviewing a Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer
  2. Traveling to LA to attend the Red-Carpet Premier of The Lion King
  3. Becoming an Ambassador for PopsicleVerizon
  4. Writing 4,165+ posts with 25,825+ comments.
  5. Building my social media network to 7,000 Facebook fans and 9,500 Twitter followers
  6. Attending the Chimpanzee Red Carpet Premier
  7. Being invited to tour Chick-fil-A headquarters
  8. Attending two FAM events at Hammock Beach and Clearwater Beach
  9. Being recognized in public by readers 🙂
  10. Made some amazing blogger friends online and in real life.

While reflecting on the things I have done, I am also reminded of things that I want to do.

  1. A new blog design – it’s time for a new look.
  2. Write an ebook – it’s been on my to-do list for a long time.
  3. Build a series of posts about how to make money online – you know you want to read this!
  4. Engage my readers more – I want to hear from you!
  5. Attend BlogHer – next year for sure.
  6. Be interviewed on TV or in print.
  7. Share more craft project – I love crafting.

Thank you for reading and sharing my posts with your family and friends. And thank you to the brands and PR firms who have believed in me and invited me to be a part of your campaigns. I have come a long way since my very first post three years ago – Recycle Ink Cartridges for Charity, I can wait to see where the next three years take me.

Jen Burg The Suburban Mom

13 thoughts on “Happy Three-Year Blogiversary To The Suburban Mom”

  1. Happy Blogiversary! BlogHer is on my list next year, hoping it is central US or Easter again, and I want to start a series on how I make money as well! Here’s to many more years:)

  2. Happy Blogiversary!! You certainly have had some amazing opportunities and adventures and I was so excited to meet you on the Chimpanzee Disney Event. Hope we can connect again in the future friend 🙂


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