Epcot’s World Showcase Passport to Fun!

Everyone knows you can go around the world in a day at Epcot, but did you know you can get a passport to record your journey? I didn’t know, and I have been to Epcot umpteen times. I recently spent the day at Epcot, sans kids, with a group of awesome bloggers who clued me into this fun activity, and I can’t wait to do it again with my daughter. Since it is so cool, I just had to share.

There are two options to record your journey around the world. Option one features a real passport and is perfect for bigger kids and adults. Option two is the Kidcot scavenger hunt and is geared toward smaller children. The best part is that option one costs less than $10 and option two is totally free. That’s a lot of fun, memories and a great souvenir for less than $10!

Epcot World Showcase Passport

For more scavenger hunt fun, check out Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak during the Food and Wine Festival and Chip and Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree during Festival of the holidays. (Each costs $6.99 and comes with a prize at the end.)

Epcot’s World Showcase Passport

As you can see, Epcot’s World Showcase Passport looks like a passport complete with two pages for each country at Epcot plus Millennium Village. The book includes stickers for little ones to affix to each page, a place for the country’s stamp and room for cast members to write a little note about the country and the date visited. Books can be purchased in gift shops throughout the park, but the best place to buy it is the gift shop outside of Mission Space so you have it with you before getting to the World Showcase. (Cost $9.95.)

Not only is the book fun, but it is a great educational tool to secretly turn a day at the theme parks into a lesson about different countries, languages and more.

Epcot's Kidcot Duffy

Kidcot Scavener Hunt

UPDATE – Epcot revamps the Kidcot program from time to time updating the scavenger hunt. While Duffy is no longer featured with Kidcot, the free Kidcot scavenger hunt program continues. 

For the younger crowd, you will find a free version of the passport in the form of Duffy the Bear sign. (Who is Duffy? Duffy is Mickey Mouse’s stuffed bear made for him by Minnie Mouse.) These Duffy signs can be picked up in any country. Throughout the World Showcase kids can decorate their bear (with markers provided) and collect passport stamps on the back to remember all of the countries visited.

 Epcot Kidcot

Epcot’s Kidcot

To get you passport stamped, you will need to visit Kidcot stations located within each country. Some Kidcot stations are easy to find, while others are a bit more hidden making the journey a bit like a treasure hunt too. (If you have trouble, just ask a cast member and look for the sign.) At each station you will find plenty of markers to decorate Kitcot activities and cast members to fill out passports.

Epcot Passport

The passport program is a ton of fun with or without kids. We had a great time country hopping and searching for Kidcot’s to get our passports stamped. I can’t wait to get my daughter swept up in the fun next time we visit Epcot.

Thanks to my friends Marshall and Jennifer from Makobi Scribe for telling me all about the program and letting me tag along on the journey.

Completed Epcot Passports

Disclosure – I was invited to a Chimpanzee premiere blogger event, which included my adventures in Florida. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

16 thoughts on “Epcot’s World Showcase Passport to Fun!”

  1. Thanks for sharing about this because I never heard of it either. If I ever make it back to Epcot, this would be something I would definitely want to do.

  2. I don’t think they did that back when I worked there! And when we cast members went ‘around the world’, most did not make it! You try having a drink at every land and see how you do! LOL!

  3. I am going to Disney This week with my Grandchildren. Can’t wait to do this! Sounds like the perfect inexpensive and learning souvenir ! Thanks for the info!!

  4. I was the creator and designer of the Epcot World Showcase Passport when I worked as a designer for Disney (1990-1999). The Passport came out around 1991-1992 and was something I was extremely proud to have created. I look for it every time I visit Epcot and am glad to see it still available. When it first came out we had many teachers requesting bulk orders so they could give them out to their students. Photos of the first edition of the Passport can be seen on my web site at: http://www.RobertDenisGroup.com

    • I have to admit that I totally geeked out when I read you comment. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post about your work. It is such a fantastic way to make memories and have a keepsake. My daughter will turn 5 this spring, so I think she is the perfect age to experience this next time we go. I enjoyed looking at your work and seeing many Disney items that brought back memories. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I’m excited to do this! I just read about this yesterday and we are on our way to Epcot to dine in Italy, so this will be an extra thing to add to our list of “to dos”!

    • At each country, there is someone available to stamp the passports. You can find them in the Kidcot Fun Stop areas where kids can color Duffy Bears too.

  6. Can you boy the passport anywhere on line before you go? I’m looking for gifts for my daughter before the trip. Thanks!


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