9 Tips For The Perfect Summer BBQ Party

With summer upon us it’s the perfect time to gather the gang and plan a BBQ. Whether you are hosting your party in your own backyard, a local park or beach side nothing says summer like friends gathering for a BBQ.

We just hosted our first BBQ of the season, so before the gang joins you for some summer fun here are nine tips to throwing the perfect BBQ. I should know, our party was just that – perfect!

Add Flair – It’s not a party without festive décor. The key to throwing a bash to remember is to pick the perfect location and theme – patriotic, pool party, tiki, whatever floats your boat. Pick something fun and run with it!

Red White & Blue Picnic

Plan the Tunes – Remember when planning a party meant making a party mix? HA! Forget that, log onto Pandora and create your own party station to set the tone for your shin-dig.

Go Fly a Kite – On a breezy day, nothing provides a bigger, cheap thrill than a good, old-fashion kite. Skip the fancy ones, unless you are a professional the simple, plain ones fly just as well.

Feed the Birds – Don’t pitch those stale crackers in the pantry that have past their expiration date, save them to feed the birds. Nothing makes kids (and adults) giggle more than when feeding a flock of hungry birds. (It also makes for a great photo opp!)

Feed the Crew – If your motto is the more the merrier, then serve up food that’s sure to please and is easy to make burgers, hot dogs and a few turkey or soy burgers are sure to do the trick for the main course. Add some potato salad, pasta salad, fresh fruit and chips and you have the perfect party meal.

Banish the Bugs – Don’t let pesky bugs ruin your picnic. Make bug control part of your party prep with Cutter Backyard Control. Citronella candles make for lovely party ambiance and provide another layer of protection for your guests.

Extra Protection – Even if you spray the yard neighboring buggies may find their way to your party, ward off flying insects: mosquitoes, gnats and more with Cutter Natural or Cutter Dry.

Cutter Natural

Shutterbug – Your party is going to be a smashing success, but will probably be too busy to notice. Assign a friend to be the party photog and capture all those great party moments for you. After the party you can relive the fun and make a photobook.

Sweet Treats – After slaving over the grill, offer your guest an array of colorful Popsicles to cool off Popsicle. This drippy yet refreshing treat is perfect for an outdoor party.


Take this party recipe, add some good friends and ta-da the perfect summer BBQ! Have a great summer and a great party.

Did I miss something? Feel free to share more tips in the comments below.

Disclosure – This post is part of a series of posts brought to you by Cutter, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Great tips! We always have tunes and goodies for everyone. Mosquitos are in full force already, so banishing those bugs is necessary!


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