My Tomato Plant Journey – Part 6

The little tomato plant that could! We went away for the 4th of July weekend, and look what I came home to.

When I saw it, I was sure that the plant was still trending down, but WOW! I have my first AND second tomatoes on the plant! Check out the bigger of the two!

Plus, the leaves that were withered are perking back up. Yeay! The craziest part is that this little plant really wants to live. When I picked up the plant I realized everything has turned up – toward the sun – from the laying down position. Plus, all the way up the step on the side of the plan that was down roots sprouted! This little bugger was self correcting! Mother Nature is so cool!

This week, I have to get a bigger pot for my little plant. It needs one! The journey lives on!

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