Wordless Wednesday – My First Harvest

Just a few words… It was so much fun to pick these tomatoes with K. After we picked them and washed them, we enjoyed eating them together on the kitchen floor. They may have been tiny, but they were delicious!

Help! My Tomato Plant is Under Attack!!!

One day all was well, the next my plant is SWARMED with Witeflies! Hundreds and hundreds of these tiny annoying flies are covering my plant and they swarm in a cloud when I water it. I read online that a solution of Pantene ProV  Clarifying Shampoo and water coated all over …

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My Tomato Plant Journey – Part 7

The plant is alive and well. In fact, it is growing like a weed. And imagine my surprise and excitement when I checked on the plant today to see two bright red tomatoes!!! Remember the fruit buds I was so excited to see on July 6? They are finally little tomatoes. …

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My Tomato Plant Journey – Part 6

The little tomato plant that could! We went away for the 4th of July weekend, and look what I came home to. When I saw it, I was sure that the plant was still trending down, but WOW! I have my first AND second tomatoes on the plant! Check out the bigger …

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My Tomato Plant Journey – Part 5

I swear, I am not trying to kill this plant, but I may be doing a good job at it… My poor little plant. I am notoriously forgetful, so I keep forgetting to water it, for like a week at a time. In my mind, all the rain should keep …

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My Tomato Plant Journey – Part 4

I already knew I was clueless when it came to my little tomato plant project, but I have now realized just how clueless I am… My tomato plant has outgrown its little stake,  it just isn’t cutting it any more. Poor plant was falling over, again. So, my wonderful husband offered to pick …

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