I’d Like To Introduce You To Galaxy

Let me introduce you to my new BFF. This is Galaxy. Ain’t she a beaut?

Samsung Galazy S 3 Verizon

As part of my Verizon Wireless Ambassadorship, I got my hands on this little baby the day after she was released. How cool is that? I have only been playing with her for a couple days now, but I have to say “WOW.”

I was impressed when my DROID RAZR entered my life, it was so much faster and cooler than my old phones. But oh my, I am sorry Droid, my new little girl – the Samsung Galaxy S III – is incredible. She’s sleaker, sexier and faster! And did I mention, she’s pretty! I have never had a white phone before!

Speaking of pretty, holy cow the display. At a whooping 4.8 inches this is the biggest screen I have ever seen on a phone. It makes my old phone (and my husband’s iPhone only 3.5 inches) look tiny. With gorgeous graphics, the touch-screen display is down right amazing. And unlike some other phones that have the nasty habbit of easily scratching and shattering, the Galaxy’s display is protected by Gorilla glass.

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Verizon

I love the move to a single traditional button on the face of the phone flanked by two capacitive buttons. (That fancy word is curtsey of my techy husband who provides geek speak to my excitement. For the rest of us they are hidden, touch-sensitive buttons that appear when you tap them. Really cool.)

Fun features I have fallen in love with already:

  • S Voice (Android’s answer to Siri).
  • Eye recognition – A little camera scans for my eye when I am not touching the screen to see if I am looking at the phone. If I am looking, the phone stays on (for reading). If I am not, it goes dark.
  • Circular scrolling through display screens.
  • A faster, better, more awesome camera (I promise a blog post about this soon).
  • Ice Cream Sandwich – The new android operating system is soooo much faster.
  • Widgets – I love the handy built-in widgets (another blog post coming soon).
  • Tap to Top, Tilt to Zoom and Pan to Browse – Just cool!

There’s so much to learn about my new phone, I am having so much fun playing with it. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with this phone!

Verizon Wireless Ambassador

7 thoughts on “I’d Like To Introduce You To Galaxy”

  1. I am actually switching to VERIZON Tomorrow. I’m not sure what phone to get but Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this one. I need to see what name my other Samsung phone is. Sadly and unfortunately it doesn’t get very good reception and drops a lot of calls and times’ out often. That’s why I am switching cell phones and providers too.

    • Oh Tricia – If you are switching to Verizon, you HAVE to have this phone. It’s soooooooooo nice. I thought I liked my Droid, but I like this so much more. I had actually been thinking of finally making the jump to an iPhone after being an Android loyalist for so long, but this killed that desire! Email me, we will chat more about it if you like!

  2. I am jealous! I have had my iPhone 3GS almost 2 years. I was thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 4, but seen so much good talk about the new Galaxy that I want one!


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