Road Trip Activities For Kids

5 Road Trip Activities For Kids

We took our first family road trip in 2014, and it was such a success we have taken one every summer since. Part of our success has been the ability to keep our kids busy throughout the trip. Keeping kids entertained during a long drive is no easy feat, but …

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Disney's Beauty And The Beast Summer Reading Program

Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Summer Reading Program

I have a 9-year-old who is an avid reader. She is perfectly happy to spend her days with her nose stuck in a book like a certain Disney princess. So she was beside herself with excitement to learn about Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Summer Reading Program. Not only does it …

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Baby #3 Announcement

Baby #3 Announcement (Surprise!!!)

Earlier this month I surprised friends and family with a baby #3 announcement, and it was a lot of fun. On a Wednesday evening, around 6:30, I posted this: January 2017 And then we waited… It didn’t take long before the first people saw it (all blogger friends), and soon my …

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Morning Checklist For Kids

Morning Checklist For Kids Free Printable

I am not a morning person, so anything I can do to make our mornings easier is great by me. Even though both of my girls know what they are supposed to do to get ready in the morning, it seems like every morning they forget what they need to …

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Entertain Kids in a Restaurant

How To Entertain Kids At A Restaurant ~ The Restaurant Backpack

Eating out is a treat for the whole family, but keeping the kids entertained at the restaurant can be a challenge. (I can hear you nodding!) In order to keep my kids entertained I employ the Restaurant Backpack. Filled with a few toys, what makes the contents special is that they can …

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