DIY Face Masks Storage Holder + Free Cut File

I resisted creating a more permanent place to put our clean masks because I want this whole thing to go away, but here we are and it isn’t. So, this week I finally broke down and made a clean masks hanger. It gives me a place to put clean masks for each member of the family and serves as a reminder as we go out the door to grab one.

DIY Mask Storage Holder

Currently, I’ve been using my clean dirty mask bags to store our family’s masks. And it works great for on the go. But with five people it was becoming a chore digging through the bag to make sure I had a mask to fit each member of the family. It’s crazy – five people = five different size masks!

So, while I will still continue to pack my mask bag when we leave with two clean masks per person. I am excited to have masks hanging per person so we can grab them quickly. Especially as our middle daughter heads back to school face to face next month.

DIY Face Masks Storage Holder

It’s oddly difficult to find a hook system with five hooks. Many premade systems I considered were three or four hooks. In the end, I am glad I made my own though because it turned out exactly as I wanted it.


  • 8 x 15 sign blank (Joann’s)
  • Removable vinyl
  • Transfer tape
  • Small hooks (similar, include screws and shipped)
  • Tiny screw (Home Depot)
  • Command Velcro strips

DIY Hook Materials

I designed the cut file in Photoshop, so if you want to create your own DIY face masks storage holder, you can recreate this look in less than 10 minutes.


Download the Clean Face Masks file HERE.

For my sign, I made the file a little over 11 inches wide. If you get a different sign, you can adjust as needed.

Clean Face Masks Decal

Use a Cricut Maker (or similar) to cut the vinyl for the sign. Weed the cut vinyl and use transfer tape to place the vinyl onto the sign.

After adding the lettering to the sign, use a small screwdriver to add hooks to the lower frame. Hang the sign near the door you most frequently exit the house using Command Velcro strips.

Mask Storage Holder Tutorial

While this is a more permanent solution, it isn’t completely permanent. I used removable vinyl with that idea that I can change out the words later so that we can continue to use the hooks for keys, lanyards, leaches, etc. long after the need to wear masks is gone. I used also Command Velcro strips to hang the sign so it can be moved if we decide to. (I also hope to paint my laundry room next month, so Command makes that transition easy too.)

Now I can hang clean masks for each member of the family by the door on the way out. Hopefully, this will make it easy for everyone to quickly grab a mask without the last minute haste of searching for a clean mask.

Cute Face Mask Storage

Want to make your own masks? Check out my face masks tutorial for 5 ways to make face masks.

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