Big Hero 6 Gift Ideas

Big Hero 6 Gift Ideas + Disney Infinity 2.0

If your kids are as big of fans as mine of Big Hero 6, then there will likely be a few Big Hero 6 products on their wish list this holiday season. Thanks to Disney I had a chance to check out some of the hottest Big Hero 6 toys, and I …

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Disney's Feast Winston

Disney’s Short Film Feast Is A Treat

There is something amazing about the ability to tell a story without a single spoken word and still tell a profound and emotional story. And when audiences see Big Hero 6 they are treated to just such a story with the short film Feast before the main event begins. And …

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The Suburban Mom Baymax

Big Hero 6: Baymax Voice Over

The most lovable, huggable character from Big Hero 6 is, without a doubt Baymax. He is warm, cuddly, he has an unmistakable robot voice and, well, he is awesome!  Thanks to Disney, I got to step into the recording booth to record my own voice over for Baymax. Adding the same …

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Big Hero 6 Baymax Hiro

6 Big Lessons From Big Hero 6

Big story. Big action. Big animation. Big tech. Big laughs. Big heart. When it came to the creation of Disney’s latest animated film, Big Hero 6, the team at Walt Disney Studios seems to have faced the challenge with a go-big-or-go-home attitude. It’s a big movie, and it’s going to be even …

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