Agent Carter Season 2 Peggy Carter Jarvis

5 Things You Need To Know About Agent Carter Season 2

Agent Carter season 2 is back in a new city with new adventures, new characters and new costumes. But don’t worry, everything you love about Agent Carter remains from the quick wit to the lovable characters. I had the opportunity to visit the Agent Carter set and meet Hayley Atwell …

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The Bachelor Season 20

The Scoop On The Bachelor Season 20 From Chris Harrison

If there is one guy who really knows what goes on when the cameras are off on The Bachelor, it’s Chris Harrison. And sitting down with him to talk to him about The Bachelor Season 20 and how the series has changed over the last 15 years was fascinating. Although Chris …

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Timothy Omundson Galavant

Galavant Season 2 Returns To ABC Tonight

The medieval musical Galavant is back for a second season and the tongue-n-cheek song and dance start tonight. Galavant season 2 is going to be huge, I mean an army of 300 extras in one episode huge — something that has never before been done on a half-hour comedy. Never before, and likely …

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Marvel Agent Peggy Carter

Who Is Agent Peggy Carter?

For all its macho superheroes, when Marvel does girl power — it does it right. If you have been paying attention to the Marvel world, particularly watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., then you know Marvel is taking on a new female character, Agent Peggy Carter. Not just showcasing her in a …

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