Galavant Season 2 Returns To ABC Tonight

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The medieval musical Galavant is back for a second season and the tongue-n-cheek song and dance start tonight. Galavant season 2 is going to be huge, I mean an army of 300 extras in one episode huge — something that has never before been done on a half-hour comedy. Never before, and likely will never be done again according to executive producer Dan Fogelman, Timothy Omundson (King Richard) and writer Kat Likkel.

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Last year before the series premiered I interviewed Joshua Sasse (Galavant) and executive producer Dan Fogelman for a first look at the new series. So it was great to sit down again with Galavant team to see how far the show has come and how much is planned for this year. 

This season will be all about love and redemption for the Galavant heroes as Galavant sets off on a new quest with his new BFF, King Richard. All the while the entire cast breaks out into song at every turn. Galavant season 2 will include 32 original songs and plenty of silliness as the medieval hilarity continues. 

Galavant season 2 starts January 3 at 8 pm EST. The ten-episode season will run back-to-back episodes on Sunday nights for five-consecutive weeks on ABC.

Galavant Season 2 Interview With Timothy Omundson, Kat Likkel and Dan Fogelman

What was it like filming Galavant season 2?

Dan Fogelman: We actually just finished filming [the] season in Morocco. And I think it’s the biggest thing that’s ever been done in comedy, a half hour comedy. It used three armies with hundreds and hundreds of extras pulling the story all together as the scene goes on. It’s really kind of “Game of Thrones” stuff that everybody’s breaking into these great Musical Numbers. It’s completely insane, it’s completely insane.

Kat Likkel: We were filming where “Lawrence of Arabia” filmed and actually some of the [locals] did come there. The day we got the call sheet where we had 300 extras. I almost threw up.

Galavant Timothy Omundson, Kat Likkel Dan Fogelman
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Can you tell us about the music of Galavant season 2?

Dan Fogelman: We break out the season [into] the direction that we’re going for all ten episodes. And then once we had that, we gathered the entire staff and Alan Menken, who had been in the loop already, and then Glenn Slater, the lyricist. Then we start pitching out the season to them and they listened, because you want songs in an emotional moment. It’s like any time that you feel like you’re gonna have a big emotional scene between people, Alan and Glenn know the perfect place for a song. And so you do it that way. And Glenn and Alan hear what the season is, they make their contributions, and then they start hearing the songs. And sometimes we all have an idea like ‘Wow, we think we want a song here.’

And then sometimes they go, ‘Uh, you’re crazy. No, your song is here.’ And suddenly, they’ve come up with this amazing song that we didn’t even know was going to exist. It’s a fun interplay and it’s really such a collaborative process.

Dan Fogelman: Alan Menken’s done 32 original songs for 10 [episodes], which is really the equivalent of like 5 Broadway Musicals. He’s written 32 songs and we play them in every genre. I mean, I wrote the movie “Tangled” and Alan did all the music for that and like you know, to do a movie that had 6 songs – 7 songs in it, took us a year and a half in development, developing for decades. And I mean, they’re just pumping them out. There’s “West Side Story.” There’s stuff like, trending “Grease” and trending every musical genre. And it’s really kind of outrageously ambitious stuff. And by the end, we have all of the 300 Moroccan Extras singing an Alan Menken song on the March as everyone is going to War.

Timothy Omundsen: [It’s a] great show and then the actors are cast. He’s [Alan Menken] writing them for us, like he knows us. He’s written songs for me. He’s writing for Mal and Danny and everybody. That’s just an incredible mind twist to get this man, one of the greatest Composers of the last 100 years, is actually writing songs with me in mind and my voice in mind.

Kat Likkel: He’s doing Disney stuff too. He wrote a song this year called, ‘What is This Feeling? Is It a Feeling?’ that our Evil Queen sings for the first time. She starts feeling an emotion. And it’s a Disney song. And it’s a classic Alan Menken ballad. And it’s really beautiful. I’m so proud of it so I hope everybody watches it this year. I think it’s really special.

Galavant Timothy Omundson
Are there any special cameos in Galavant season two?

Kat Likkel: Weird Al is coming back. We got Hugh Bonneville and [John] Stamos are back. And then we have all these great English actors coming out. They’re not all names you know but people that have kind of starred in every West End Production in London. It’s like the creme de la creme of our people that are getting nominated for all the Oscars this time of year here. It’s that group of people. So you’ll recognize a lot of faces.

Nick Fox plays a giant, named Andre the Giant who hates dwarves.

What’s new with the characters in Galavant season two?

Kat Likkel: Something that’s great about season two is that Timothy Omundsen gets to carry a lot on his shoulders. Last year, he was this goofy but kind of erratic giant child. And this year, his character really gets a chance to grow and stretch and go different places. It was really fun as a writer and producer to watch Tim do all those things and see those moments that he even surprised himself.

Timothy Omundsen: I’m a kid for the storylines on this show. I get challenged with some of the most dramatic stuff I’ve ever had to do. There’s Romantic Lead stuff I’ve never gotten to do. This year in particular, it’s been an incredibly, incredibly satisfying journey. I just can’t wait [for you] to go and see it.

The character development, it’s so much fuller this year. Everyone really gets some beautiful opportunities to do some amazing work, and everybody steps up. And it’s so nice to see these people you work with, your colleagues [that you] really care for, do tremendous work.

Dan Fogelman: We want to push the envelope and continue to push it. It’s getting bigger. We’re getting sharper comedically.

Timothy Omundson Galavant
What can fans expect in Galavant season 2?

Kat Likkel: One of the things we decided to do in this season is take all of our characters and throw the biggest obstacle we could. It’s like we took all of them and we turned their lives completely upside down from where they ended up at the end of last season. And making all of them find their way back.

If I had to encapsulate what this whole season is about, it’s about love and redemption. And it goes big with everybody… trying to find, trying to get to that next step in their lives. Everyone’s storyline in their own way is beautiful. I sort of get caught in reading these scripts like, ‘It’s a silly show. It’s a silly fun like show.’ And then you get smacked over the head with this heart, threading that needle between silly goofy and really something that makes somebody care. I think people will get sort of, catch themselves, [that] I’m actually having a feeling.

Galavant Season 2 Trailer


If you missed any of last season on Galavant you can binge watch the first season for free on ABC’s website. But hurry, it looks like the season one links expire soon. 

Tune into Galavant season 2  January 3 at 8 pm EST to enjoy two 30-minute episodes, back-to-back on ABC. 

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