Great American Family Christmas Movie 2023 Schedule Checklist – Free Printable

Great American Christmas is back on Great American Family for 2023 with 20 brand-new movies. (That’s two more movies than last year.) And once again, GAF will offer Christmas programming 24 hours a day 7 days a week starting October 20, 2023! To keep track of the 20 new movies so you don’t miss any, sign up for the 2023 Great American Family Christmas Movie schedule checklist free printable below.

If you LOVE Christmas movies, I’ve got you covered. I have Christmas movie checklists for Hallmark Countdown to Christmas,  UPtv and Lifetime too. 


Great American Family Christmas Movies 24/7

Despite the strike in Hollywood, the Great American Family Christmas is set to begin October 20, 2023 with stars like Danica McKellar, Chad Michael Murray, Candace Cameron Bure, Trevor Donovan, and Jen Lilley. (Most Christmas movies wrapped in May, ahead of the strike.) Christmas movie fans will still be able to enjoy movies 24 hours a day 7 days a week through the end of the year. That’s right, all Christmas, all day, every day! Christmas movies 24/7 start October 20, the first new movie premiere is October 21 with new movies every weekend until Christmas.

How To Watch Great American Family Christmas Movies

We got rid of cable years ago, which means watching Great American Family Christmas movies can be a challenge. But there are options for streaming Great American Family Christmas movies. If you don’t have cable to watch your Great American Family movies, you can watch via Frndly TV.

Frndly TV – Frndly TV is a streaming service that offers 40 family-friendly channels including Hallmark Channels, Lifetime and Great American Family. With Frndly TV, you’ll be able to watch all the new releases as they air on cable, plus shows on-demand, so you can binge-watch some of your favorite Hallmark movies all season long for $6.99 a month. Frndly TV works with Apple, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, and you can cancel your subscription anytime. (This is the service I have used for the past two years and already have set up for this year.) Want to see if Frndly TV works for you, try the FREE 7-day trial.

Let’s get our cozy ‘jamies on and curl up for some Great American Family Christmas Movies!

Great American Family Christmas Movie Activities

Last year, I made a BINGO game to go along with my Christmas movie-watching. If you watch Christmas movies alone, you can make it a silly challenge to take a sip of hot cocoa each time you find a BINGO square or take a bite of a Christmas cookie.

If you host a Christmas movie-watching party, you can pass out BINGO sheets to your guests and see who gets BINGO first. (Don’t worry, it won’t take long!)

The Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO is now available. You can also find it in my Etsy Shop if you don’t want to join the list.

Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO Printable

Great American Family Christmas Movie Checklist 2023

Great American Family Christmas Movie Schedule Checklist free printable includes all 20 new movies.

PLEASE NOTE – the 2023 printable is not available YET because dates and times for the new movies have not been released. BUT I’ve had so many inquiries for the lists, I am making the signup available. Everyone who signs up will automatically be emailed the full checklist as soon as it becomes available. So, save yourself from having to come back to check later and sign up today.

Don’t want to sign up for my newsletter to receive the free printable? You can also find it in my Etsy Shop. If you want all four movie checklists (Hallmark, Lifetime, GAF and UPtv) and don’t want to sign up for each, you can also find a bundle in my Etsy Shop with all four checklists. Use the coupon code SAVE10 to save 10% off all orders from my Etsy Shop just for reading my blog. (NOTE this is not yet available because details are still pending for GAF and Lifetime, but it will be soon.)

Full Great American Family Channel Countdown To Christmas Movie Line Up

The full 2023 Great American Family Countdown to Christmas Movie lineup includes 20 new movies. PLEASE NOTE, some of the titles listed below are working titles and GAF has not yet released any dates. That means the title of the movie might change slightly as we get closer to the air date. If this happens, I will do my best to update the printable. Feel free to come back to check to see if I have done so.

A Paris Christmas Waltz

Starring Jen Lilley, Matthew Morrison
Premieres TBD

In this sort-of sequel to Hallmark Channel’s Christmas Waltz, A Paris Christmas Waltz takes us to the land of fromage, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. Emma (Jen Lilley) is contemplating life’s next steps after giving up her job so a colleague with a family could keep his. When she meets Leo (Matthew Morrison), a professional dancer whose love for competitive dancing is waning, Emma gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the pro and sweep all of Paris off its feet. The movie was shot on location in Paris.

A Royal Christmas Romance

Starring Danica McKellar, Damon Runyan
Premieres Thanksgiving Weekend

In A Royal Christmas Romance, Bella Sparks (Danica McKellar), owner of Bella Sparks Couture, takes on Stefan (Damon Runyan), a demanding new client to outfit for a week of high-stakes meetings and events after his luggage goes missing. Stefan asks Bella to be his “official plus one” for many of the formal soirees, a request Bella accepts with good humor. Imagine Bella’s reaction when she accidentally discovers Stefan is the Duke of Tangford.

Blessings of Christmas

Starring Lori Loughlin, James Tupper, Jesse Hutch
Premieres TBD

Renowned TV star Mandy Gilmore (Lori Loughlin) says goodbye to her hit culinary series, A World of Food, with plans to travel the globe dining in all 142 Michelin-star restaurants. Before jetting to Paris, Mandy stops in Milwaukee with the deed to her deceased aunt’s food pantry, Angel’s Fare, recently purchased by adjacent business owner, Adam Carraway (James Tupper). A simple transaction. Until pantry volunteer, Otto Nessen (Jesse Hutch) reminds all that Aunt Susie’s love of cooking was truly a love of feeding and inspires one more holiday feast for those who need it most.

‘Twas the Text Before Christmas

Starring Merritt Patterson, Trevor Donovan
Premieres TBD

Addie (Merritt Patterson) is a New York City chiropractor who mistakenly receives a text from “Nana.” The accidental text turns into a loving friendship between the matronly Nana and Addie who now communicate regularly. Nana invites Addie to spend the holiday in Vermont. It is picture-postcard perfect and exactly as Nana described, except for one surprise. Nana’s single son, James (Trevor Donovan), a traveling doctor is also home for the holidays. Over three consecutive years, James and Addie are together during the holidays, though it isn’t until they are both single that they begin to see each other in a different light.

Bringing Christmas Home

Starring Jill Wagner, Paul Greene
Premieres TBD

Caroline Upton (Jill Wagner) is a retired military officer, now Military History professor who enlisted to assist antiques store owner, Russell Carlisle (Paul Greene) in finding the family of WWII Army officer Orin Newton. The pair is racing to return precious personal artifacts—Orin’s dress uniform, medals and a stack of love letters from his beloved Alice—before Christmas. Epaulettes and insignia provide initial clues but the search seems to dead end when Caroline discovers Orin was captured and listed as MIA. Caroline and Russell then search the love letters for clues as to what happened to Orin and whether he ever made it home to Alice.

Christmas on Windmill Way

Starring Chad Michael Murray, Christa Taylor Brown
Premieres TBD

Mia Miejer (Christa Taylor Brown) excitedly anticipates the Christmas Market Fest Dutch Bake-Off competition and is confident that her Mimi will win the festival’s top prize. But the excitement fades when Mimi shares the difficult news that she had to sell the family’s land around the Jansen Inn, including easements all around the heritage windmill renowned for centuries for its fine millwork and beautiful wooden furniture. It’s an especially tough pill for Mia to swallow when she learns the developer’s representative is her former boyfriend, Brady Schaltz (Chad Michael Murray), who also tells Mia and Ann the agreement includes the inn and sawmill, all of which will be torn down.

My Christmas Hero

Starring Candice Cameron Bure, Gabriel Hogan
Premieres TBD

U.S. Army reservist and orthopedic physician Nicole Ramsey (Candace Cameron Bure) is dedicated to serving military service members and their families at the Joint Military Base in Lacey, Washington, home of I Corps and the 62nd Airlift Wing. This Christmas, with the help of many dedicated heroes, Dr. Ramsey is on a mission to honor a special fallen soldier and bring much-needed healing to her own family.

12 Games of Christmas

Starring Johnny Ramey, Felisha Cooper.
Premieres TBD

A group of old friends and neighbors are transported into a Christmas-themed board game during a Christmas party.

A Christmas Commission

Starring Sarah Fisher, Simon Arblaster
Premieres TBD

Two rival realtors are forced to work together to sell one special house before Christmas.

A Christmas for the Ages

Starring Natasha Bure, Anna Ferguson, Kate Craven, Cheryl Ladd
Premieres TBD

Prompted by their youngest granddaughter (Natasha Bure), four generations celebrate family and what Christmas was like in the 40s, 60s, 90s, and present day.

A Dash of Christmas

Starring Laura Osnes, Christopher Russell.
Premieres TBD

A marketing exec (Laura Osnes) must learn a recipe to get her dream job and ends up entering into a holiday bakeoff with a dream baker (Christopher Russell).

A Model Christmas

Starring Ash Tsai, Joey Heyworth
Premieres TBD

While on a charity press tour, a model (Ash Tsai) ends up stranded by the weather at the family home of the driver (Joey Heyworth) she hired to assist her for the week.

A Royal Christmas Holiday

Starring Brittany Underwood, Jonathan Stoddard
Premieres TBD

In search of her big break, a reporter (Brittany Underwood) arranges a Christmas interview with a European Prince (Jonathan Stoddard) visiting the states. Will the reporter’s big story become her love story?

A Time Capsule Christmas

Starring Jillian Murray, Daniel Lissing
Premieres TBD

A father (Daniel Lissing) bonds with his daughter and stumbles upon an unexpected romance (Jillian Murray) while tracking down the original owner of a Christmas time capsule.

Destined 2: Christmas Once More

Starring Shae Robbins, Casey Elliott
Premieres TBD

In this sequel to Destined at Christmas, Theo (Casey Elliott) continues to miss connecting with his girlfriend, Kim (Shae Robbins) as he attempts to propose at Christmas.

Mistletoe Moments

Starring Susie Abromeit, Liam McIntyre
Premieres TBD

With her career on the line, a decorator (Susie Abromeit) must work with an unexpected partner (Liam McIntyre) to showcase a house for an upcoming Christmas gala.

Our Christmas Wedding

Starring Holly Deveaux, Drew Seeley
Premieres TBD

Roles reverse as Nicole’s boss plans newly engaged Nicole (Holly Deveaux) and Michael’s (Drew Seeley) wedding in two weeks at Christmas.

Peppermint & Postcards

Starring Ella Cannon, Christopher Russell
Premieres TBD

When a Christmas letter concerning her love life goes viral, one mom discovers that romance might be right at her door.

Santa, Maybe

Starring Aubrey Reynolds
Premieres TBD

Can theater director Lila (Aubrey Reynolds) rise to the challenge of putting on the perfect Christmas ballet, while also discovering her office Secret Santa in the process?

The Christmas Regift

Starring Erin Agostino, Marshall Williams
Premieres TBD

A city manager (Marshall Williams) recruits the help of a childhood friend (Erin Agostino) in setting right his town’s Christmas Charity event, while she sets to work setting him up with her close friend.

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