Bluey And Bingo Popcorn Recipe – Birthday Party Idea

Candied popcorn is a colorful birthday party snack kids love. For my daughter’s Bluey birthday party, I created an orange and blue Bluey and Bingo popcorn recipe complete with colorful sprinkles and little white dog bones. If you are planning a Bluey birthday party, this easy-to-make birthday snack is a must. If you aren’t planning a party, it’s also a fun way to level-up family movie night.

Bluey And Bingo Candied Popcorn

Bluey And Bingo Popcorn Recipe

Candied popcorn is the ultimate sweet and salty snack because you can be creative and add anything you want to customize it. I make candied popcorn for every birthday party. I change up the colors and the candies to fit the theme of the party, and there are never any leftovers. In fact, some of my oldest daughter’s friends have started asking for it before I can serve it. I also like to make some for my kids just because using their favorite colors.



You can use any plain popcorn you want, but I prefer to use fresh popcorn. Make popcorn according to package direction. I always use plain, air-popped popcorn for this – not buttered. Divide popcorn into three medium-size bowls

Melt approximately 10 candy melt wafers according to package directions in three small glass bowls.

Keeping the colors separate, use a spoon or spatula to transfer melted candy onto the popcorn. Melt more candy as needed to coat popcorn well.

Once the popcorn is fully coated in candy, combine the three colors of popcorn into one large bowl. Sprinkle dog bones and other candies / sprinkles on top.

Note – I usually add colorful Sixlets to my candied popcorn, but I didn’t for this party. They are a yummy addition.

Bluey Popcorn Party Mix

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    • Hi! I make a version of this for a lot of parties. I usually make it the morning of or, for a morning party, the night before. But I store leftovers in an airtight container and my kids eat the popcorn for days after. It’s popcorn, so I think the fresher the better, but the kids love it even a little less fresh. Enjoy!


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