Tips For A Safe Halloween 2020 + Printable Hand Sanitizer Station Sign

The biggest question of October 2020 is, “What are we doing about Halloween?” It’s the question parents are asking themselves and their friends. And it’s the question neighbors are asking families so they know if they should stock up on candy. Here are some tips for a safe Halloween to help your family enjoy some spooky fun.

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Tips For Halloween 2020

As families get ready for the big day, Nemours offers safety tips for a safe and fun Halloween – 2020 style. You don’t have to lock yourself at home for the big night, as long as you adhere to CDC recommendations for safety. While many of the typical Halloween safety tips apply for any night-time fun, 2020 has its own playbook. Here are safety tips from the experts at Nemours plus some alternative ideas if trick-or-treating isn’t an option for your family this year.

Mask Up

We’ve all gotten used to wearing masks by now, so Halloween shouldn’t be any different. Plus, some costumes are perfect for masks – like my daughter’s pick of The Mandalorian. Whether you are taking your kids out or handing out candy, mask up this Halloween.

Driveway Drop

Instead of welcoming trick or treaters to your door, set up a candy station in your driveaway. By placing the candy on the table and setting your chair back a few feet, you can still enjoy handing out candy from a safe distance. Keeping Halloween safe for you and for trick or treaters.

Hand Sanitizer Station

Stock up on hand sanitizer, not just for yourself, but for trick or treaters. Set a pump of hand sanitizer on a table to encourage families to keep everyone’s hands clean. Place a cute sign, like the one I designed, near the hand sanitizer to welcome guests to get clean.

Download free printable “Say Boo To Germs” sign 8×11.5 HERE.

Download free printable “Say Boo To Germs” sign 4×6 HERE.

Tape It Off

To help reduce crowding, tape off places for little ones to stand back. Glow in the dark Duck Tape and Halloween caution tape are perfect for this. Sure, the littlest goblins might not understand, but older kids (and their parents will) so it can help serve as a social distancing reminder.

Stick To What You Know

Keep your trick-or-treating radius limited to homes close to yours or even only people you know. This way you know what the setup will be when you arrive at the door. You might even work with a group of neighbors to all setup driveway candy stations.

Let It Sit

If you are concerned about germs on the candy, let it sit a few days before letting kids dig in. Of course, it isn’t Halloween without enjoying some yummy treats, so keep a bag of favorites at home to munch on when everyone gets home from trick or treating.

Make It A Scavenger Hunt

Still not comfortable with the idea of going door to door? No problem. Consider a family scavenger hunt. Drive through the neighborhood (dressed in costume if you like) and see who can find the most items from this free printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable Game

Halloween Egg Hunt

Another idea for home fun is to create a Halloween Egg Hunt. Pull out those plastic Easter eggs and fill them with Halloween treats. You can even turn it into night-time fun by placing glow sticks in the eggs for a glow in the dark hunt.

Movie Night

This year, Halloween is on a Saturday, which means many pirates and princesses will get to stay up later than normal. Make it a family movie night and watch Halloween movies. Need a movie recommendation?  Check out this list of 31 family-friendly Halloween movies.

Halloween 2020 is coming, and COVID doesn’t mean you have to sit out on all the fun. It does, however, mean you have to adjust expectations and some traditions. Whatever you plan to do to celebrate, I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!

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Halloween Sanitizer Sign

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