Letter B Crafts For Preschool

Letter “B” Crafts For Preschool

For week 2 of Mommy school, we learned about the letter “B.” My little one is very excited about Mommy school and can’t wait for our next “lesson.” This week we talked about all the things that start with the letter B and we made several letter B crafts for …

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Letter A Crafts For Preschool

Letter “A” Crafts For Preschool

Mommy school is officially underway, and it’s going great! Since I am not a teacher, just a mom with a plan, we are learning a letter a week. Going into Mommy school, she doesn’t know any letters, so we are going to dive into learning the alphabet one letter at …

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Homeschool Planner Clipboard

Free Printable Homeschool Planner

In addition to sending our older daughters back to school virtually, I am also homeschooling our preschooler this year. While she doesn’t need schooling at this age, I do think it is important to keep her learning things like her ABCs, numbers, how to use scissors and more. To help …

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Virtual Homeschool Classes

FREE Virtual Homeschool Classes For Kids Stuck At Home

As parents across the country the world scramble to figure out how we are going to manage social distancing at home, with our children, while many of us attempt to work remotely resources are springing up across the Internet. It’s actually one of the coolest things that has come out …

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