Fuel Up For Adventure With Old Wisconsin

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My family doesn’t know how to take a slow vacation. To us going on vacation means exploring somewhere new. This summer our explorations took us to Blue Ridge, Georgia where we hiked, tubed, rode horseback and hiked some more. To fuel up my family on our adventures and long car ride, we brought along Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Sticks.

Old Wisconsin Snacks Hiking

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With three kids who range in age from 12 to 3, it can be a challenge to find one size fits all adventure. Luckily, our littlest one is used to doing everything our big kids do, so if the big girls are excited she’s ready to try things. Even hiking 2.8 miles to walk across a swinging bridge and play in the river.

Hiking Snack

Old Wisconsin Hiking Snacks

When we hike as a family of five plus our pup, mom and dad serve as the family pack mules, carrying anything and everything we might need. (Although I have gotten smart and make the big kids carry their water.) From a first aid kit to snacks, I pack it all. Smart snacking is important for my back and our adventure fun. Snacks need to be portable, light, agreed upon by everyone and pack an energy punch. Old Wisconsin turkey snack sticks fit all of the requirements.

Man and Dog

For our hikes in Georgia, we brought along  Old Wisconsin turkey snack sticks that we picked up at Publix before heading out.  When my kids that decide they are hungry, they need food fast because no one wants to see them hiking hangry. The resealable bag makes it easy to hand everyone a snack stick on the trail and keep going whenever the “I’m hungry” declarations begin. Sometimes that happens on the trail, sometimes that happens playing in the river – either way, I am ready with a quick bite.

Old Wisconsin Road Trip Snacks

After a week of adventure, my gang was exhausted when we climbed into the car for our 8+ hour road trip home. (Why does home always feel so far away when you just want to get home?) To keep my kids’ bellies full, without stopping every hour, I brought Old Wisconsin beef snack sticks for our car trip.

Road Trip Snack

On long car rides my bag of tricks is well-stocked with things to keep my kids entertained and fed. Both are necessary for keeping my sanity. New movies, printable road trip activities, coloring books and Old Wisconsin snacks were ready and waiting in my bag to help everyone pass the time.

It’s a toss-up which flavor was the favorite – the turkey or the beef snack sticks – but everyone agreed they were yummy. And they kept the kids fed so we could keep going on the trail and on the road.

Road Trip Snacking

Wisconsin Sausage Snacks

In addition to being a tasty snack for the whole family, Old Wisconsin Sausage snacks are gluten-free with no MSG added. I love them for my family because the snacks are protein-packed, healthy snacks, and they are also low carb, keto-friendly. In addition to the beef and turkey Snack Sticks my family enjoys, they are available at Publix in a variety of other package sizes and flavors to serve all palates.

Old Wisconsin Snack Sticks

These handcrafted and slow smoked convenience snacks are great-tasting, high-quality, and protein-packed. These smokehouse sausages are perfect for any moment. Old Wisconsin is authentic hardwood-smoked flavor, made with good-humored, Midwestern character.

You can find Old Wisconsin Sausage snacks at Publix, where right now you can save $1 when you purchase any two packs of Old Wisconsin sausage snacks.

Snacks on the Go

Before you head out on your next family adventure, be sure to pick up some Old Wisconsin snack sticks to keep your family fueled up for fun. Old Wisconsin sausage makes everything better from road trips, to back yard family gatherings, holiday charcuterie boards and more.

This shop has been compensated by Inmar Intelligence and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #oldwisconsinsnacktime

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