Is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Worth It?

I am in several online Disney groups, and one of the most common questions I read from people traveling to Disney World in the fall is, “Is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Worth it?” The short answer is, “Yes.” But it all depends if you like 10 these things… Do you?

Mickey's Not So Scary Worth It

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Is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Worth It?

For us, it has become one of our favorite annual traditions. It is our kickoff to the Halloween season. It’s everything we love about going to Disney all dressed up in a costume with sweet surprises around every corner.

Do Your Kids Like To Dress Up? (Or Do You?)

My kids love to dress up. The amount of planning that goes into them deciding what they should be for Mickey’s Not So Scary is almost comical. They have so much fun planning what they will wear, the journey is almost as fun as wearing the costume. They’ve dressed as characters from Disney’s Zombies, princesses, pirates and now my oldest is getting into Disney Bounding.

While my husband and I haven’t gone in full-blown costume. We both enjoy wearing a Halloween/Disney inspired shirt. And even though we don’t go in full costume, we thoroughly enjoy those who do. From epic-level family costumes to inspired individual costumes, Mickey’s Not So Scary has it all.

Family bonding over costumes, check.

Magic Kingdom Halloween Costumes

Do Your Kids Like Trick Or Treating?

Imagine trick or treating, and at every house they give you hand fulls of good candy. No houses with no one home, no one giving out the candy you don’t like, not once piece per person — handfuls of good candy. That’s trick or treating in the Magic Kingdom at Disney! Gobs of candy from happy cast members. It’s a fun trick or treating experience, even for the little ones who aren’t really sure what they are supposed to be doing (they pick up quick).

Tip – My kids love collecting it so much, we use most of our haul as candy to give out on Halloween. 

For those with allergies, check out my previous post about Allergy-Friendly treats at Mickey’s Not So Scary.

Excellent trick or treating, check.

Fancy Pink Minnie Mouse Dress

Do You Like To Avoid The Heat?

One of my husband’s favorite things about Mickey’s Not So Scary is that because it takes place at night, you avoid the blazing sun. The party takes place on select nights from August – October 31, which means it is still in the 70s – 80s even at night, but without the sun beating down feels much cooler than the daytime temps of the 80s-90s.

While we’ve been on some hot nights, you can also get lucky and catch a “cool” night in the 70s with a breeze. (We scored one this year when we visited on September 20.)

Avoiding the blazing sun, check.

Do Your Kids Like To Meet Characters?

If your family loves to meet characters, Mickey’s Not So Scary is your chance to meet characters who are not normally available in the parks. From Jack Skellington with Sally to Ariel in her dress on land with Prince Eric — there are many unique character opportunities at Mickey’s Not So Scary.

Even regular characters, like Minnie Mouse, have special Halloween attire for the occasion. Unfortunately, there are so many good ones – like all Seven Dwarfs – you won’t be able to do them all in one night.

Special character opportunities, check.

Ariel Prince Eric Mickey's Not So Scary

Do You Like Shorter Lines?

Don’t get me wrong, there are still a LOT of people at Mickey’s Not So Scary. The word has gotten out that this is a hot ticket, so you will still see lines. BUT… it is not as crowded as a normal day at the park. For example, instead of the typical hour to an hour and a half wait for Peter Pan, it had a 20-minute wait when we visited.

Because there are many unique things to do at Mickey’s Not So Scary, like the parades and character meets, rides tend to have shorter overall wait times. We’ve also noticed that if you go in September, there are generally fewer crowds then if you go later in October.

Shorter waits, check.

Do You Like Halloween?

Disney does Halloween right. With seasonal decorations and treats, the park transforms into a whole new experience for the holidays. If you like Halloween, Mickey’s Not So Scary takes everything you love about the season to the next level.

Some attractions even receive a special touch for the night. My favorite is the completely dark Space Mountain. Learn more about the attractions enhancements in my post What’s New For Mickey’s Not So Scary 2019.

Halloween excellence, check.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween

Do You Like Parades?

Disney parades have a special place in my heart, and one of my all-time favorites is the Boo To You parade. From the Headless Horseman’s ride to the villains’ float, the Boo To You parade is full of Halloween fun. My favorite is the Haunted Mansion float with the ballroom dancers, and my kids always love Vanellope Von Schweetz’s float, which smells like candy!

It’s so much fun that you will find yourself humming Boo To You for the rest of the month.

Special parade, check!

Do You Like Fireworks?

This year, Mickey’s Not So Scary introduced a new fireworks show, Disney’s Not So Spooky Spectacular. While I love Happy Hallowishes, Spooky Spectacular takes the fireworks show to the next level with castle projections that have become the “it” thing for nighttime shows. Moving from just a fireworks display to a full blow show with a storyline, Disney’s Not So Spooky Spectacular is well… spectacular.

Jack Skellington is the show’s MC while Mickey and the gang visit a not-so-spooky house while trick or treating. My family gave the new show 10 thumbs up!

New fireworks show, check.

Disney's Not So Spooky Spectacular

Do You Like Special Photos?

Besides all of the great photos you can take in costume, with Halloween decorations, and with special characters, Disney PhotoPass ups its game for Mickey’s Not So Scary. There are several spots throughout the park (30 for 2019) where you can add extra magic to your PhotoPass pictures.

From prop signs to special magic added in digitally, if you are ever going to get a Disney PhotoPass this is the night to do it.

Super cool, special photos, check.

Do You Like Special Disney Food?

Calling all foodies, every year Mickey’s Not So Scary adds new delightful Halloween treats that you can’t get anywhere else to its lineup. They are as cute to look at as they are to eat — especially if you have a sweet tooth.

The Chocolate Mickey Waffle Sundae (available at Sleepy Hollow) was our newest favorite.  Black chocolate waffles topped with pumpkin gelato, candy corn, caramel sauce, and sprinkles. So yummy.

Special Disney Halloween themed food, check.

Chocolate Mickey Waffle Sundae

Do You Love Disney?

Here’s the thing, if you love Disney, this is an event you have to experience at least once. It is a fun night filled with special treats, characters, trick-or-treating and other spooktacular fun that you just can’t get on other nights.

Is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party worth taking your family to? Yes! 

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