Keeper Of The Lost Cities Sophie Foster Costume

When a book series becomes part of everyday conversation, your daughter gets all of her friends hooked, and she creates a chat group with her friends about the book series you know it has to be good. That’s why I find myself currently reading book number six in Keeper Of The Lost Cities – admittedly obsessing right along with my daughter.

This Keeper Of The Lost Cities review is sponsored, however, our obsession with the series began long before this sponsored post, which is why we created a Sophie Foster costume for Halloween last year. 

Keeper of the Lost Cities Books 1-7

Fantasy, mystery, suspense, friendship, a touch of romance, and so much more fill the pages of the Keeper Of The Lost Cities. It’s the type of book series that has something for everyone with characters you truly care about.

Aimed at middle-grade readers, my daughter discovered the series the summer before fifth grade and finished all the seven books before Christmas break. By the end of fifth grade, she had encouraged more than a dozen of her friends to also read the books. And these aren’t short books, ranging from about 500 pages to well over 800 pages, they are a daunting size for a group of 10-year-olds and yet, none seemed to mind as they devoured each book. All eagerly awaiting the release of the eighth book, available in November 2019.

Keeper Of The Lost Cities is NOT JUST FOR GIRLS. K and her friends talked about it so much, they got the boys reading (and loving) the books too. Sophie has a large group of friends including boys and girls, so there are strong characters for everyone to relate to.

After hearing about the series for months, and wondering what my daughter was so excited about, I decided to dive into the series myself. Now I am hooked. It really is as good as my daughter and her friends claim — even for an adult. I find myself carving out any free moment to find out what happens next to Sophie Foster and her friends.

Currently halfway through book number six, I dread finishing book number seven because I will have to wait until November when book 8 is released. My binging will be done, and I’ll have to wait along with my daughter and her friends to get my hands on the eighth book (which we have already placed a pre-order for!)

To get the excitement going for the new book, the author, Shannon Messenger, is hosting a #KeeperReadAlong in preparation for the newest book’s arrival this fall. Each week fans are encouraged to reread the series and she will answer fan questions on her Instagram account. And there are prizes too! We are following along and hope you will too.

Keeper Of The Lost Cities Sophie Foster Costume

In keeping with her obsession with the series, K had me help her create a Sophie Foster costume for book character day at school. (Several of her friends dressed up as other characters from the series as well.)

DIY Sophie Foster Costume

Surrounded by jewels and crystal, Sophie prefers to keep her look more simple than others around her. A pair of black leggings and a white tunic is her favorite ensemble. Paired with her required school cape pinned by her family crest.

Because K announced the need for a costume just a couple days before she needed it, I made a very simple short cape.

I purchased a large square piece of black knit fabric. (Size will depend on the width of fabric you choose.) I folded it into eighths to create a triangle and then used white chalk to draw an arch. I cut the arch through all of the fabric. Then I cut a smaller arch approximately 4 inches from the point of the cone shape.

DIY Cape Costume

Unfold the fabric to reveal a large doughnut shape. Then cut the shape in half creating two capes.

For her family crest, I used white Crayola Modle Magic and gold acrylic paint. I am not a sculptor, so creating a bird with clay was not going to happen. So I went with a triangle with swirls to represent the Ruewen Crest.

Keeper Of The Lost Cities Ruewen Crest

We used pieces from K’s wardrobe to create her Sophie Foster look, but here is everything you need to create the Sophie Foster look.

Sophie Foster Cosplay

Keeper Of The Lost Cities Giveaway

K and I are excited to share this Keeper Of The Lost Cities giveaway. One lucky winner will receive:

  • Keeper Of The Lost Cities books 1 – 3
  • Exclusive branded art prints and pin
  • “We could all use a little more weird” shirt

Keeper of the Lost Cities Prize

My daughter can’t stop talking about the art prints and the shirt. She has made me promise to frame the prints for her room. She’s that excited about them.

This giveaway has ended. 

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  1. I have read all seven books after checking them out from the library. I fell in love with the characters and the story and would love to own a copy of the books for myself. I may even share them with my daughter.

  2. I want to give this to my niece. It is a series for kids I hope? I think we could read together and it could be a fun summer thing.

  3. I would like to win the Keeper of the Lost Cities prize pack for my kids. No, we have not read any books in this series yet.

  4. I’d want these for my daughter. She hasn’t read these before but it looks like a theme she would enjoy very much

  5. I want to win this Keeper of the Lost Cities prize pack for my daughter, and I don’t think she’s read any of them yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I hope to win this for my oldest granddaughter, she has not read all the books but is on the 2nd or 3rd book. She loves them!


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