Less Is More – Llama Teacher Gift Card Printable

The last weeks of school have arrived and it is officially MAYhem around here. Between awards ceremonies, recitals, dress up days, parties and more our calendars are packed. Like every other parent, I need to make something in my life simpler to get through the next few weeks. So this year, I am skipping the shopping and giving teachers gift cards on a cute llama teacher gift card.

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Llama Teacher Gift Card Printable

This time of year is always chaotic, but it seems especially so this year as our oldest says goodbye to elementary school. Her teachers are awesome and the school does a great job making the kids feel special with two weeks of dress-up days and ton of in school events. It’s a ton of fun for the kids, and, of course, my daughter goes all out. Check out her Wacky Wednesday outfit.

Wacky Wednesday

Llama Teacher Gift Card

Since there is no way we are skipping out on the fun, I am simplifying our to-do list by giving gift cards to the six teachers who have been part of my kids’ education this year. To make the presentation a bit more exciting than a plain envelope, I designed the llama teacher gift card printable.

The llama teacher gift card printable makes gift card giving a breeze. All you have to do is print it out, attach a gift card, have your student sign it and send it to school. Because less is more, this is the kind of gift you can put together the night before and still look like you are on the ball. Easy peasy.

The llama design was inspired by the cute llama gift cards currently available at Target, but it works with any gift card you want to give.

Download the llama teacher gift card printable HERE.

Llama Teacher Card

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Now that we have embraced less is more with our gift giving and our morning juice, what else can we simplify as we race toward the finish line that is the last day of school?

Next year, K will be off to middle school, but first we have time to make more family memories with a less is more summer and Juicy Juice.

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Organic Juicy Juice Fruitifuls

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  1. I can’t get llama the download to work ! 🙂 I would love use it for teacher gifts ! Is there a way I can have you send it to my email ? When i go click on the link it… won’t do anything ? But …Thanks again for being so awesome and sharing these and saving so many of mamas !!! We LOve them !!!! Thank you !!!

    • So sorry for the trouble, I am not sure why it stopped working, but it has been fixed now. Glad you like it!!!! And thanks for the kind words 🙂

    • Sorry for the trouble. The issue has been corrected, it can be downloaded now. Look for where it says, “Download HERE.”


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