Toy Story 4 – 15 Forky Finds For Fans – Plus Inside Pixar Studios

Last month, I went to San Francisco for 24 hours to visit Pixar Studios. Coming from Florida, it was a whirlwind trip. But it was worth it to see Pixar for the first time and learn all about Toy Story 4. You guys, it’s going to be everything we hoped for and more! My surprise new favorite character is Forky, and I found 15 Forky toys and accessories every Toy Story fan is going to want.

15 Forky Finds Toy Story 4

I knew I was going to love the reinvented Bo in Toy Story 4 (more about her soon), but the character who surprised me was Forky. I wasn’t sure how they were going to make a spork loveable, but Pixar worked its magic (like always), and from the short glimpses of the movie I was allowed to see Forky is awesome. He already has some great toys and accessories available, and I am sure there will be many more to come. Which one will you buy first?

Forky Pixar Portait

15 Forky Toys For The Toy Story Fan

Forky Funko Pop – This was my #1 must, and I am happy to report I already own him thanks to my husband. Now, I feel like I need the whole Toy Story 4 set. HERE.

Forky Plush – Sporks might not normally be cuddly, but this version looks perfect for snuggle time. HERE.

Forky Plush Toy Story 4

Forky Funko Pop Key Chain – Yes, I have the full-size one. Yes, I want this one too! I might settle for buying one for each of my big girls for their backpacks. HERE.

Toy Story 4: Forky in Craft Buddy Day – Of course, Forky has his own book, and we need it. Storytime with Forky! HERE

Forky Hightop Sneakers – I don’t even care that I have to break my “no white sneakers” rule for my middle child. She *needs* these! Hello Scotch Guard. HERE.

Toy Story 4 Pull & Go Forky – Pull him back, and watch him go! This little Forky is on the move. HERE.

Toy Story 4 Pull & Go Forky

Toy Story 4 Lego Set With Forky – Build your own Toy Story 4 RV park with this preschool-aged LEGO set, which includes Jessie, Rex and Forky. HERE.

Interactive Forky Figure – Forky really comes to life with this interactive Forky figure that responds to your voice with 35+ sayings. HERE.

Interactive Forky Figure

Toy Story 4 Little People Set – This is a MUST in our house. My toddler just loves Little People, so we have to have the Toy Story 4 gang with Forky. HERE.

Toy Story 4 Figure Set by Little People

Mr. Potato Head Forky – I seriously love this line of Mr. Patato Head dressed up as the various Toy Story 4 characters. Bonus, the parts are interchangeable. HERE.

Toy Story 4 Forky Free Wheeling Talking Action Figure – With 15 Forky phrases in Forky’s voice, this free wheeling Forky is sure to get some giggles. HERE.

Toy Story 4 FORKY Free Wheeling Talking Action Figure

Forky Shirt – Forky fans need their own shirt, right? BoxLunch has several options for men and women including this Trash Talking one. HERE.

Toy Story 4 Trash Talking Shirt Women

Make Your Own Forky And Friends – Dress up your own Forky friends with stickers you color yourself. HERE.

Forky Small Bean Bag Plush – My kids have a whole collection of small bean bag plush, so of course, Forky needs to be among them. HERE

Toy Story 4 Creativity Set – Everything you need to create your very own Forky in a kit. Plus you can make your own pom pom Bunny and Ducky. HERE.

Toy Story 4 Forky Creativity Set

DIY Forky Craft

Besides taking my picture with the Luxo Ball, my favorite thing at Pixar was making my very own Forky. It was really cute to see all of the adults working so hard perfecting their Forkys. There’s something about a craft project that brings out the kid in everyone.

DIY Forky Craft

From traditional Forkys who look just like the movie character to your very own creation, Forky can be anything you want him (or her) to be. There was a healthy mix of both among the Forkys made during the media event. The possibilities are endless. I plan to stock up on sporks and let my kids go wild creating new characters this summer once school gets out.

Forky Supplies:

Inside Pixar Studios

Is Pixar Studios really as amazing as I imagined? Nope. It is MORE amazing. I know, that sounds crazy, but it’s true. From the beautiful building to life-size Pixar characters all around you, Pixar Studios is incredible.

Pixar Animation Studios

I spent much of my visit daydreaming about what it must be like to work at Pixar. It’s still a job, of course. And I am sure there are frustrating days, like every other job, but wow — what an environment to work in. I felt very lucky to visit and get a glimpse of what life inside the studio must be like.

Luxo Ball Pixar Studios

I hope you are as excited as I am to meet Forky this June. I think he is an excellent addition to the Toy Story gang and I can’t wait to see how his story turns out!

Meet Forky June 21, 2019. 

Toy Story 4 Forky Poster

Check out Forky in the official Toy Story 4 trailer.

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