Tissue Paper Apple Craft (Perfect For Preschoolers)

Craft projects are not just fun, they are also a great way for little ones to learn. What looks like just glue and paper in this tissue paper apple craft is actually a chance for kids to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, listening skills and the ability to create with their hands. That is why art is so important for kids, especially preschoolers, as they explore these new skills.

One of my family’s favorite projects are our tissue paper projects. They can be made for any season and theme, and we have made a bunch of them – Easter Egg, American Flag, rainbow, school bus and our newest project a tissue paper apple craft.

Tissue Paper Apple Craft For Preschoolers

Tissue Paper Apple Craft

I started my daughters making these when they were two, and at age seven my oldest still asks to make them. My kids love them because they can do them completely on their own, giving them a great sense of accomplishment. Not to mention they are really cute. I love them because they aren’t messy and all of the cognitive reasons above — reasons my kids are completely unaware of!

Oh and an added bonus, it is a great project to talk about upcycling! I have only ever made these tissue paper crafts with used tissue paper, giving a new life to something that might otherwise have ended up in the trash.


Print the apple template. If you are using construction paper, you can print directly onto the construction paper (although you may need to trim the paper). If you are using cardboard (my preference), print the template on paper then cut it out and trace it on to your cardboard.

Cut the tissue paper into approximately one inch squares. The squares do not need to be exact and this is a great way for kids to practice cutting. I usually cut strips and then help my little ones snip off squares (or blobs really).

Preschool Tissue Paper Craft
Have your child crumple up the squares into small balls. This is a great task for working on fine motor skills picking up the tiny scraps and pinching them into balls.

Next help them spread a thin layer of glue in a small area of the apple and begin placing the tissue paper balls in that area. Continue until the whole apple is covered.

Depending on the age of your child, the apple will be more or less full. But it will be beautiful, perfect for fall and a great opportunity for your child to work on those important developmental skills along the way.

Back To School Apple Craft For Kids - free printable template.
I love to do crafts at home with my girls, but I also treasure the crafts that they bring home from preschool. Teachers think of even more ways to develop those physical and cognitive skills with craft projects, and I love to hear my daughter tell me all about her projects.

I kept this apple for myself, but it would be a cute back to school gift for a new teacher too.