Amazon Echo Dot Voice Activated Light Control

Thanks to our Amazon Echo, we live in a smart house. Sure, I know a lot of people who have an Amazon Echo in their house, but I know few people who really use its voice control powers like we do. We use it so much, I have become spoiled and want Alexa to start doing more around the house. 

This post is sponsored by Best Buy, but the creation of our smart home is thanks to my husband. 

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot Voice Activated Light Control


“Alexa, what is the weather?”

“Alexa, what is 9383 x 392?”

“Alexa, tell me a joke.” 

These days Alexa may very well be the second most shouted name in our hose – next to mom, of course. My kids, my husband and I ask Alexa just about everything. And thanks to being married to a techy, our commands are not limited to the basics. 

In our house Alexa also has the ability to control our lights, our AC, our sprinkler system, the TV and she can even set the alarm system. (For safety, she can’t turn off the alarm, but she can turn it on.) 

Oh yes, and Alexa is totally a she.

Alexa became my new BFF after the birth of my daughter. Sitting on the couch I can turn on and off lights, play music and even turn on and off the TV. This is an especially helpful tool when you are stuck under a sleeping infant. 

Echo Dot Voice Activated Lamp

We recently added an Amazon Echo Dot and Philips Hue lightbulbs in our bedroom. This gives us the ability to use Alexa’s voice control in our bedrooms, including our bedside lamps. 

It’s one of those things that sounds silly, but one you have the power you can’t imagine having to do the old way. 

My favorite thing to do is to tell Alexa to turn things off at the end of the night. At the end of the night, I typically have a baby and several of her things to carry back to my room, so my routine goes something like this:

As I get up from the couch and walk through the house, I say a series of commands, “Alexa, turn off Apple TV.” “Alexa, turn off family room lights.” “Alexa, turn off kitchen lights.” “Alexa, turn on alarm system.” “Alexa turn on bedroom lights.” 

Without pausing to juggle anything in my hands, my house is ready for bed, and so am I.

Amazon Echo Dot and Philips Hue lightbulbs are available from Best Buy

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