Create A Light Show With Philips Hue Halloween

This post about Philips Hue Halloween is sponsored, but all of my excitement about how cool it turned out is my own. Get ready to take your Halloween decorations to the next level with programmable lights from Philips Hue.

Dancing Halloween Lights

My family is no stranger to Philips Hue products. My husband, the techy, fell in love with the programmable lights about a year ago and started installing them all over our house. We have Philips Hue bulbs with a Philips Hue Tap Switch next to our bed (controlled by our Amazon Echo Dot), Philips Hue Light Strips Plus under our kitchen cabinet (also controlled by our Echo), a Philips Hue Light Strip behind our TV and even my daughter has a Philips Hue Iris as her bedside light and she uses a Philips Hue Dimmer to control it. Whew, that’s a lot of Hue. And it was all purchased by us, I might add.

For those who aren’t familiar with Philips Hue, the Philips Hue lights can be connected to your smart phone (or Amazon Echo) to create a wirelessly controlled lighting system. It isn’t just white light, the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance products offer more than 16 million colors, and infinite possibilities to create your desired ambiance. With hundreds of apps to choose from, too, the only real limit to making the most of your home lighting is your imagination.

Clearly, we have a lot of Philips Hue products, and as much as I teased him when the Philips Hue products first came home, I love them too. It’s so nice to walk into a room and ask Alexa to turn on the lights, and the kids love to play with the colors. We even have tranquil mood lighting in our bedroom. When was the last time you had fun turning on your lights? So when I was given the challenge of using Philips Hue products to create a Halloween ambiance, we couldn’t resist.

Philips Hue Halloween

For the Halloween lights we were sent:

  • Philips Hue Starter Kit
  • Philips Hue Light Strips
  • Philips Hue Go
  • Philips Hue Motion Sensor

My husband was very excited to get to work with “his” new toys. He replaced our porch light bulbs with the Philips Hue Starter Kit, which was perfect because we have three bulbs and the kit comes with three bulbs. Then he placed the Philips Hue Light Strips in each of the front windows.

I decided the Philips Hue Go would make a cute jack-o-lantern so I added a silly face with self-adhesive (removable) vinyl. I plan to set the pumpkin up with the motion sensor to make it come on when the kids approach the door on Halloween!

Hue Halloween Pumpkin

We played around with colors on our front porch settling on an orange and purple combo for Halloween.

Philips Hue Halloween

Then my husband downloaded the Hue Halloween for Philips Hue, and the real fun began. The Hue Halloween for Philips Hue contains a series of sound effects that can be programmed with the Philips Hue products to create an instant light show. So. Much. Fun!

This video shows off the lights running the looped sound effect (that we plan to run on Halloween) with additional sound effects layered on top so you can see what Philips Hue can do.

UPDATE – The Hue Halloween App now works directly with the Philips Hue motion sensor, so you can have the dancing lights motion activated.

The best part is that after installing the lights, set up with the app only takes a minute to program. It’s super simple and the effect is dramatic.

The whole family is excited about our new Philips Hue Halloween lights. So excited that my husband has already downloaded the Hue Christmas for Philips Hue app. The Philips Hue lights will transition from Halloween to Christmas very soon.

Philips Hue is available for purchase at Amazon, Apple Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Home Depot and, among other retailers.

4 thoughts on “Create A Light Show With Philips Hue Halloween”

  1. We have just become the proud owners of an Echo and a Dot, and I’m already thinking ahead to Halloween effects. I absolutely LOVE what you guys did. You have totally inspired me and I can’t wait to get my hands on Hue and the Halloween app! Thank you!! Sue ~ The World of Suzy Homemaker

    • Glad we inspired you. It was a lot of fun to create, and even more fun to have people ohhh and ahhhh over on Halloween! We have and Echo and Dot too. I love living in a smart home!

  2. What did you use for the outside sound, any particular speakers? Also, have you encounter any issues with the lighbulb being set outdoors since it isn’t rated for outdoors? What happens when it rains?

    • Great questions! All of our lights are undercover, installed in the ceiling of our porch. We put the Hue bulbs on our porch in Oct 2016, two years later they are still there (year round) without a single issue. (We are in FL, so plenty of wet weather.) For the sound outside, we used what we already owned – an old iPod hooked up to a old speaker. But the iPod died this summer, so I am not sure we will have sound this year.


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