Arlo Baby Review: Not Your Average Baby Monitor


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arlo Baby. All opinions are 100% mine.

When is a baby monitor more than you average baby monitor? When it is an Arlo baby monitor. We have used more than 5 different baby monitors over the last 9 years to keep watch over our children. Some we purchased, some were reviewed for this site. Some we loved, some were only “eh.” But while technology has grown in 9 years, and the monitors with it, no monitor ever really surprised me – until Arlo Baby.

Netgear Arlo Baby Review

I was already familiar with the Arlo brand having previously reviewed Netgear Arlo surveillance cameras (that still monitor the perimeter of our house 2 years later). And my husband liked the outside Arlo cameras so much, he purchased an Arlo Q for the interior a while back. So when I was offered the Arlo Baby to review, I knew it would be the perfect Father’s Day gift for my husband. 

Sure, we already have a regular baby monitor, but I knew he would be excited about the Arlo Baby and I was right. 

What Sets Arlo Baby Apart?

The first thing you notice about Arlo Baby is that it is cute. Wait, what? Yep, it is cute. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean it is better, what parent doesn’t like adding another cute touch to their baby’s room? 

Arlo Baby Video Monitor

Arlo Baby comes with green bunny ears. You can also purchase an option Arlo puppy or kitten character if that better suits your d├ęcor. While my daughter’s nursery is pink and gold, the green bunny is still so cute. (FYI, if you aren’t feeling the characters, Arlo Baby also works “naked” for a sleek look.)

In my house, my five-year-old had a fit because now the baby has a cute monitor and she has an old “plain” one. Yep, that happened.

When it comes to the most important quality of a video monitor, it has to be picture quality. Nothing I’ve seen comes close to the Arlo Baby with crystal clear resolution both during the day and in night mode. 

My husband tells me it has 1080p HD quality including advanced night vision tech. The same tech used in the other Arlo cameras we own. (I don’t know how that compares to our monitors, other than it blows them away.)

It might surprise you to learn that the Arlo Baby does not come with a parent monitor to look at. (That surprised me.) Instead, Arlo Baby uses your smartphone, tablet or computer as the screen. Since I always have my phone handy, that means I can check in on my baby anytime, from anywhere. Even, if I am not home. 

Arlo Baby Monitor

Since my husband travels frequently for work, he loves that he can peak in anytime he wants. You can also securely share access with friends and family too.

With Arlo Baby, you don’t have to worry about missing anything because the app can be configured to help you to keep an eye on your baby and alert you even when your device is locked.

I am sure you have seen those cute videos from parents capturing their tot’s antics via their baby monitor – Arlo Baby let’s you do that too. Like other Arlo cameras, Arlo Baby comes with free cloud storage for 7 days of up to 5 different Arlo cameras allowing you to review, save and share and video recordings and special moments. Video recording can be triggered by sound, motion or manually from the Arlo app.

Arlo Baby also takes security and privacy seriously ensuring that all of the recordings and access is encrypted. Most baby monitors still don’t encrypt the video between the camera and video monitor, which is something that always bothered us.

The features don’t stop there. Want to be able to 2-way talk? Check. Play soothing lullabies, or even recordings of your own voice, to help get your baby to sleep? Check. Act as smart multi-colored night light with adjustable warmth, brightness and the option of thousands of colors? Check. Monitor the air temperature, humidity and VOC levels? Check. Go untethered from power for several hours? Check.

Netgear Arlo Baby Monitor

Dad’s Arlo Baby Review

I am a fan of Arlo Baby, but what about dad? After all, it was his Father’s Day gift. Coming from a tech background, and already very familiar with Arlo products, dad is a big fan. Set up was easy via the Arlo app and he can monitor the baby as easily as the safety of our home from anywhere. 

Netgear makes some of dad’s favorite products, and the Arlo Baby lives up to all of his (very high) expectations. 

If you are looking for the next thing in baby monitoring, we recommend Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera.

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  1. This camera achieves clear, crisp images. Although the arlo app is lacking in a few ways. While it offers lights. Music and monitors the temperature, you can not open the app easiler to view Bub. While you can hear Bub, you have to close and reopen the app every time to view Bub. I find it frustrating and I expected from the app


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